Creative Crafting: Making The Most Of Your Glue Gun

Every crafter has a glue gun in their art cupboard. A glue gun, along with paper, cardboard, scissors, pencils, buttons, craft paper, and paint, is seen as being a basic crafting tool, and one that no crafter should be without. For the most part, glue guns are used to secure bits and bobs onto craft … [Continue reading]

Ten Winners!! Motorishy Backseat Car Organizer Giveaway

Do you travel on long trips with your children?  We used to.  Oh my, some of the journeys were better termed marathons.  I used to pack all sorts of entertainment and by the end of the trip the back seat looked like a war zone!  I could have really used one, no make that three of these backseat … [Continue reading]

Winner’s Choice of (3) – 8×8″ prints from Giveaway!

This is an economical and personal way to start decorating your home.  My daughter has taken beautiful pictures from their honeymoon and made a wall … [Continue reading]

Smooth legs with less time – #IntuitionEffect!

Smooth legs with less time - #IntuitionEffect!   This past week we have had two small grand boys visiting.  Two of our little wolves, as we … [Continue reading]

Home Sales Improve With Staging

Home Sales Improve With Staging Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale.  The goal of staging is to make a home appealing … [Continue reading]

Amara Organic Baby Food Introduction Pack Giveaway!

Giving your baby healthy and nutritious food is so important for them and for your peace of mind!   There will  be three winners for this great … [Continue reading]

Litom LED Giveaway!

Not only will there be 5 (FIVE) winners of the LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Light - you will also receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card! A $250 TRV … [Continue reading]

How Can You Make Gift Giving Even More Exciting?

The big day is almost here. You’ve figured out how to make it a special, memorable event. You’ve chosen an amazing gift. And now you’re ready for it … [Continue reading]

The Original Sunscreen Giveaway

This would be perfect for camping!   There will  be three lucky winners for The Original Sunscreen Giveaway! 3 Winners! $119+ TRV! US  5/31 Join me … [Continue reading]

The Perfect Gift: Accessories Every Man Should Have

What is considered to be acceptable in men’s fashion has changed a lot over the past couple of generations alone and, while a lot of the staple diet … [Continue reading]