Easy 3 Ingredient Jam

Apricot jam

Living in Orchard country means to me, putting down fresh fruit for the winter.  One of our favourites is Jam. Bop, my sweetheart, loves jam and what better way than to make it ourselves.   You know what goes into it and you can keep the sugar down as well. I have used this same recipe for both … [Continue reading]

Photos by Ede

Millennium Park - Serenity Bridge

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Plums are ready!


Here I am on Friday, after a week of school, chopping and processing plums.  Ripe fruit waits for no man.  Thank goodness I love doing this and Bop … [Continue reading]

Photos by Ede

Near Rockwood Cafe

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Super Easy Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken Cacciatore

I really did not feel like cooking tonight!  Thank goodness I had taken some chicken breasts out of the freezer yesterday.  Chicken is so easy to do … [Continue reading]

Photos by Ede


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Morning Musings by Bop

Rushing Waters

Blossom We live in a land of fruit trees and forests, rugged hills and plains, deep lakes and high ridges, deer, bear, elk and coyotes - and skunk. … [Continue reading]

Summer Fun Giveaway

Whoo Hoo!  Another giveaway, this time open to Canadians and US!  Join in the fun to win $60 Paypal Cash.   Welcome to our Summer Fun $60 … [Continue reading]

Photos by Ede


I couldn't resist adding all of these beautiful flower pictures from around the Creston Valley.   … [Continue reading]

Little Wolves

Nana's Helper

I loved being a mama but being a Nana takes me over the top!  We have five little wolves in our pack with one little wolf arriving in October.  Most … [Continue reading]