Apple Goodness!

Years ago, a dear neighbour had an aluminum juice extractor that she would lend to me to do our giant crab apple tree.  It was an old and kind of beat up extractor but it worked like a charm.  I have been keeping my eye out for one ever since.Steamer2I found it on Amazon and I was so excited to get this baby in the mail.  The stainless steel were a bit more expensive, but with doing fruits and veggies that contain acid I felt it was a better choice.  Amazon US also has one with a spigot, but it was considerable more expensive.  This is perfect for me.40lbs Apples sink full

My handyman went out to a local orchard and purchased 40 lbs of apples, they were approximately half of the cost of apples in the grocery store. We got busy and produced our first batch of apple juice.

With a Steamer/Extractor you do not need to core your apples.  Cut them in quarters and toss them in the basket.  With crabapples you do not even have to do that.  Just wash and pile them in.pot fullWe had a glass, still warm from the steamer.  Wow, can it get any better than juiceWhat is your favourite preserve?

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