Are you feeling S.A.D.?

Sad Bear

Ever since we lived in the North, I have been affected by S.A.D.; Seasonal Affective Disorder.  It is not severe but it is definitely something that I have to be aware of during the winter months.

S.A.D.  is a kind of depression that happens during certain times of the year. Often starting in the fall when the days are getting shorter and lasts through the winter; but can also run spring to summer.  Many Canadians, often women, will suffer from S.A.D. and it is thought to be lack of sun in the winter months that causes this, the Winter Blues.  If you think you may have this, please go see a doctor.

For the last month or so, we have had weeks of dull, cloud covered days.  About mid to end of January I started to notice that I didn’t want to go anywhere, see anyone, do anything.  I was sleeping in, a lot!  My life was taking on the look of the days outside.  One morning I was sitting having my coffee and realized it was S.A.D. I was experiencing.  Once I was able to identify it, I was able to take action.

This is what I did.  I started to set the alarm clock to start getting back onto a regular routine again.  Then I made plans to go and have coffee with a friend, get involved with my painting club again, and well, I made cookies!  I had to find something I wanted to do, where I could feel a sense of accomplishment. My painting had become as abysmal as the sky, dull, flat and no excitement.  So, I made cookies.  It was something I like to do, and eat, and also was a complete task that I could look back and see something tangible.

Just yesterday I attended my art club group.  It was so good to be with my own “tribe”.  They are encouraging, inspirational and I came home happy and energized.

3 Blue

Are you S.A.D.?  What do you do about it? 


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  1. marlene harris says:

    it happens to every year i snap out of it in spring

  2. I do not suffer from SAD, but a do have a friend who is dealing with it this winter. It is hard to get through the dark winter days sometimes.

  3. marlene harris says:

    still sad but it will change

  4. Kara Marks says:

    I don’t deal w/ SAD, but have had major depression in the past. I think that things like staying on a good schedule, increasing outdoor time (any sunlight you can get), vitamin D from various sources, hobbies, volunteering, practicing gratitudes, journaling, exercise, fish oil, etc., can all be really helpful for any kind of depression. I know that it’s hard to do much when really depressed, though–one day at a time.

  5. janie vezina says:

    thank you for the insight. i often find this a problem during winter months.

  6. I think I have it, I know I havn’t been getting much sunlight and I know the past 5 days I have
    been crying, even though I am happy, tears just roll out of my eyes..

  7. Amber Ludwig says:

    Living in Wisconsin I definitely get this!! I make sure to up my vitamin D in the fall and winter and get out of the house!! Even if its indoors somewhere besides home!!

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