Win Beth Brykman’s New Book-The Best of Both Worlds

Three Winners with this great giveaway.  Beth Brykman’s new book, The Best of Both Worlds!  US 3/10

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Saying Thank You

Some of you may know that I recently won an amazing contest.  Creative Scrapbook Magazine and forty five different sponsors, (that’s right 45!) held a nine day contest called Taste of CHA.  A creative wonderland of treasures.

The delivery company arrived with a giant box today.

It was crammed to the brim, can you have a brim on a box, very full!

As I stared to pull treasures out I laid them on my ironing board;

then around my sewing machine; then on top of my printer; 

then moved over to my desk and finally piled the last on my chair and sewing stool.

It is overwhelming.  The generosity of the sponsors and the hard work that it took for Creative Scrapbook Magazine  to pull together and organize the giveaway.  If you choose, it would be wonderful to have you all to drop by Creative Scrapbook Magazine  and give their page a thumbs up.  Tell them you are looking forward to entering TASTE of CHA next year.

I know I can’t wait to get playing with all the goodies!

“Happy BIrthday To… Who?” How To Never Forget Another Special Occasion

Birthdays. We all have them, every year, and yet when they come around we have the tendency to still be surprised by them. Bizarre though it is, every year we find ourselves, on the eve of a loved one’s birthday thinking “Aaagh! What am I going to get them?”.

Although it’s not really that bizarre. You see, birthdays happen every year and they stay exactly where they are, so it’s not like they scream for our attention in the way everyday life does. If you forget birthdays and special occasions, it may just be because you have a busy life.

When you’re constantly having to deal with one thing or another, it can be tricky to keep an eye on the things that don’t move. And then, if your partner’s birthday is on the 27th of August, you find yourself catapulted into a panic on the 25th. You’d promised yourself you’d be on top of those things this year! What happened?

What happened is that with every new year, the slate gets wiped clean. If you are going to keep up with things that happen during the coming year, you need to be in planning mode by the last gasps of December. Set out a schedule for the coming year, and make it watertight.

Make The Most Of The Digital Age

We are living in a time when almost everyone has a cellphone that performs more roles than most of us ever use. About twenty years ago, would you have had a day-to-day planner in the house? A surprising number of us wouldn’t have.

Now, it’s an app that comes as standard on your phone. Use it! Before the year even gets started, fill out every important birthday and set reminders. Your phone should allow you to do this for weeks in advance. So on the 20th of August, your phone will send you a text: “X’s Birthday! Send Flowers!”. The day before, you can have a reminder that says “Party Tomorrow. Bake cake“, and so on.

Don’t Automate Everything…

Of course, there is a downside to allowing your phone and your computer to take over jobs that your brain used to do. Part of what makes gifting special is the aspect of surprise. The personal element makes a difference. So for example, you may have a standing order with your local bakery to bake and deliver a birthday cake every year.

But planning for everything to be done automatically does have its drawbacks. If you’re not acting on impulse from time to time, then gifts end up just happening. In other words, don’t just wait for reminders. Have them there as a security blanket, but check a month ahead to make sure you aren’t about to miss a birthday. Then kick into gear with some novel, personal ideas.

The More Prompts You Have, The Better

As well as using your phone and laptop to ensure you are ahead of the curve, an actual wall planner is an invaluable part of your planning. Let’s face it, when you’re looking at your phone it is easy to be distracted by news, games, and Tweets.

A physical reminder of your schedule, right there on a prominent wall, is impossible to ignore and clearly has just one purpose. You can never be too covered when it comes to reminders!

CTMH One-day Sweet Sale!

In celebration of the sweetest holiday of the year, we’re holding a one-day flash sale, 30% discount on selected products from Annual Inspirations and Seasonal Expressions 1.  

One Day Sale

This Sweet Sale starts February 14 at 3:00 pm MST (2:00 pm PST; 4:00 pm CST; 5:00 pm EST) and will end at that same time on February 15 . Sale prices are only available on orders placed online – CTMH  To see which items will be discounted during this sale, visit the shopping cart online at any time during the sale times—the Sweet Sale items will be listed on that page.

As usual with discounted items, shipping and handling will be based on the full retail value of sale items. Additionally, the sale price does not apply to Select Product Credit (SPC) purchases, so if you choose to order any of the sale items using SPC, you will be charged the full retail value.  

All the items included in the sale are only available while supplies last, and there is no grace period for placing orders, so be sure to get your orders in before the sale ends!



Want To Bake? With A Little Effort You Could Be Queen Of Cake


Under the Sea

Have you always wanted to perfect baking? Do you want to create baked treats for your family, special birthday cakes?  Maybe you want to move beyond, cake in a cup, and make a work of art just for yourself.  Either way, baking skills are useful.  It’s one of those things many of us don’t get around to in a busy life.  Who has time to bake?  You do! We can all make time for the things we love. Stop putting your baking quest off. It’s time to perfect your cake prowess. Instead of sitting in front of the television, take to the kitchen. It may seem like an effort, but it’ll be worth it! Soon, baking will be your favorite way to relax. Here’s how to get started.



**get stuck in (or into) phrase of stick 
  1. 1.
    start doing (something) enthusiastically or with determination.
    “we got stuck into the decorating”

The best way to improve at baking is to get started. That’s why it’s important to get stuck in. Don’t put your task off by waiting for the perfect cookbook, or the right equipment. All you need is a few basic things and your ingredients. If you don’t have a recipe to follow, take to the internet. Basic baking recipes aren’t hard to find.


There’s no denying that you’re going to fail along the way. Some of your recipes will come out perfect, but some won’t. You might have to throw whole cakes away. It’s important you’re not afraid of that. If you let the fear of failure overtake, you might stop trying. Instead, use it as a learning experience. Once you’ve seen what doesn’t work, you’ll be able to change your method for the better. Failure is the best teacher when it comes to learning how to bake! Realize, too, that some recipes aren’t going to work for you. Read a recipe through before you start. If the method sounds strange, it may be best to find a different recipe! Being aware of elevation is important too.  Cakes for the coast aren’t necessarily cakes for the mountains.


One thing you do need to consider with your failures is the cost. Baking can be expensive.  Here is the truth: store bought cakes are sometimes cheaper. Even so, baking is worthwhile.  If you’re trying a recipe for the first time, you may want to buy the less expensive ingredients to start with, or be prepared to “eat” the cost instead of the cake.  If you intend to do a lot of baking, stock up in bulk to save money.

Spring Garden


Any good baker knows how to improvise. Once you know the basics, start straying from the recipes. This is when your baking will come into its own. It’ll also mean that you can replace ingredients with what you have in your cupboard. Another excellent way to cut costs! You’ll develop a palate for flavor combinations that work. That will allow you to develop some wonderful ideas. The more you express your creativity with your baking, the more fun you’ll have. As soon as you think you’re ready, start creating your own ideas. And remember; failure is okay!  I’m not a professional baker, like Terry of Terry’s Baking, but we had fun!

Monster Truck


Race Track

Rocket Ship

Here is a quick recipe to get you started, it is a basic yellow cake and very easy to experiment with.

Easy Basic Cake


  • - 2 Cups flour
  • - 1 1/2 Cups white sugar
  • - 3 1/2 teaspoons Baking Power
  • - 1 teaspoon salt
  • - 1/2 cup butter (or half butter and half coconut oil)
  • - 1 cup of milk (or coconut milk)
  • - 1 teaspoon of flavouring, I like almond
  • 3 eggs


  1. Heat oven to 350
  2. Grease and flour a 13x9 pan
  3. Put everything into large bowl and blend
  4. Pour into pan
  5. Bake 40-45 minutes
  6. Cool and add icing.
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Blaze & The Monster Machines

Little hearts matter too, give kids the gift of Paw Patrol and Blaze of Glory!  US and CANADA 02/28

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The Legend of Korra The Complete Series

The Legend of Korra: The Complete Series contains all 52 episodes from this one-of-a-kind television series. This Complete Series will go to one winner  US 02/28.

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Miracle Skin Transformer 4-pc. Spa Facial Gift Set

A good skin care regime and quality skin care products are so important, especially during the harsh winter months. This 4-pc set will go to one winner  US 02/28.

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Yoga Mat by Aurorae Yoga

Time to get back on the mat!  Two winners for this #HealthToYourHeart Aurorae Yoga Mats.  US 02/28.

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Bowls of Plenty Cookbook by Carolynn Carreno

 Two winners for this #HealthToYourHeart Cookbook by Carolyn Carreno.  Bowls of Plenty US 02/28.

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