Brentwood Home Baby Bundle

Do you have a newborn?  This is a great giveaway:  A baby bundle from Brentwood Homes. One winner will receive a Poppy Crib Mattress, and a Sweetpea Changing Pad.  US Ends Feb12

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 Welcome to the Brentwood Home Baby Bundle Giveaway!
A huge thank you to the sponsor of this giveaway: Brentwood Home.
Hosted by: Lil’ Blog and More.Brentwood Home features an amazing selection of home goods, and they have products for everyone in your family – From you, to your kids, and even your pets!

When it comes to baby products, Brentwood Home really delivers! Lil’ Blog received a Poppy 2-Stage Crib Mattress, which is perfect for newborns, and infants (You can flip it for a firmer or softer side!)

And she also received the Sweetpea Changing Pad, which is perfect for on-the-go changes,  and extra comfort for you baby.
If you’d like to read her entire review, you can see it HERE.
The Giveaway!
Brentwood Home has graciously agreed to give away a Baby Bundle, which includes a Poppy Crib Mattress, and a Sweetpea Changing Pad, valued at $180.00, to 1 lucky winner! To enter, do so below, with the GiveawayTools form:



The bloggers involved in this giveaway were not compensated, and are
not responsible for prize fulfillment. The prize is provided via the
sponsor. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter this giveaway.
This giveaway starts January 19, 2017, and will end on February 12th,
2017 at
11:59 pm. The winner will be emailed, and have 48 hours to respond, or a
new winner will be chosen. Once a winner is drawn and confirmed, the
name will be announced on the GiveawayTools form.

Open to US residents.  
Please email aaron_amanda(at)live(dot)com with any questions.

Quick Sew Headband – My picture!

In my little post about A Quick Sew Headband it was pointed out that I did not post any pictures of the finished product.  So I had my sweet handyman take one.

This is with my new wrap apron to keep my clothes paint free too and my quick sew headband.  I was doing the whole “inside out” thing with my serger.  I loved my little headband and I’m sure it will be useful with so many projects, like gardening 🙂  What do you think of the final outcome?

Quick Sew Headband


Renew a Favourite Shirt

We have heard about recycling, reducing waste and re-purposing items; and one way of helping is to renew your old clothing.  Back in the day it used to be called “mending”.  

My mom taught me this little trick for prolonging wear time out of an older shirt.  Cut off the sleeves and turn the collars.  Mysweet Handy Man loves his old shirts, ones that really have seen better days; but I thought perhaps I can try this out and save his favourite shirts.

Back or Under Collar


As you can see, the top of the collar is pretty worn and frayed while the bottom looks new.

The first thing to do is to carefully remove the stitches.  I used a small ripper.  Slip it between the collar and the band and gently start to pick or slice the stitching.   I only opened the seam as much as I had to, to remove the collar.

Once the collar is completely separate, iron it to straighten the seam area.  Fold the band and pin the center to mark it.  Do the same with the collar.

Mark the Middle

Using the pins as markers, pin the collar back into the band making sure you turn it around so the bottom is now the top of the collar.  Stitch closed with a narrow seam.  Give it one more ironing to fold in the right direction.

Now the shirt looks new again, as long as no one peeks underneath 🙂

Do you renew your clothing?  What have you done to reduce clothing waste?

Levoit Hand Carved Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

Have you ever used a Crystal Salt Lamp?  I have seen them in stores but never owned one.  This is your opportunity to win a Hand Carved, Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp (rv$120) Open to US 1/31.  Enter below and don’t forget to…

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A Better Night’s Sleep

I don’t miss those nights of walking the floor with a little one that just won’t sleep.    Here is a great opportunity to win A Better Night’s Sleep – For You and Baby!  Open US 02/02

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Quick Sew Headband

When I get involved in creating, I don’t worry about where paint is going.  The fact is, I should!  My clothes, my hair, my face, pretty much everywhere.  As an artist, or painter, can you relate?  While this isn’t too bad for watercolor: acrylics and oils are something that you don’t want to get covered in.

Paint on fingers and glasses

Here is a sweet headband that looks amazing and is a practical tool.   It’s perfect for long or short hair.  It holds your hair back or ties it up so it doesn’t get in your face, and it will protect your hair from any stray paint that is flying around.  It looks pretty cute too!

Material and Tools

For a Rosie The Riveter headband you will need 2 long strips of material 7 cms (3″) wide and long enough to wrap around your head with an additional 7 cms (3″) on either side to tie the bow with later.

You can make this two different ways.  One with fibrefill for a chic and lux look or, for something more sleek and lightweight, skip the fill;  This tutorial will include the fibrefill so just leave it out if you don’t want it.


Fabric scissors, thread, a knitting needle, an iron, pins and a sewing machine. If you haven’t got a trustworthy sewing machine, then look at something like this review here to help you decide on what to purchase.  A good sewing machine is invaluable.  You can take hours off projects like this if you use a machine rather than hand stitching all your crafts.

Step One:

Place the two long strips back to back with the patterned side facing each other (right sides together). Then sew a 1/4″ seam around the sides and at one end leaving one end open.

Step Two:

Turn the fabric inside out, so the pattern is showing.  Press the fabric.  Cut a piece of batting  a few millimeters (1/4″) smaller than the width of the band.

Step Three:

Using a long knitting needle, push the batting into the headband, making sure it reaches to the bottom seam and lies flat. Iron again to make sure all fabric is flat and straight.

Step Four:

Tuck remaining edges under by 1/4″ and sew shut with your trusty machine.

With your headband on, it should both keep your hair out of your face and protect your hair from any stray paint while you are being creative. Also because of the batting when you tie a knot in the headband, the ends with stick out and look like a decorative bow.

$150 New Years Cash Giveaway

Open WW Giveaway for Cash!  Think of all those Christmas bills that need to be paid, or maybe you are saving up for a trip to somewhere warm.  What would you use this great prize for? WW 01/23

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How To Wow Even The Fussiest Of Dinner Guests

Deciding to invite friends and loved ones round for dinner seems like a great idea at the time. You think that a night of good company, good wine and of course, good food will be just what you want and need after a long week at work… that’s until you remember that you’re the one who’s providing the food.


It doesn’t have to be a slog in the kitchen if you don’t want it to be. Any good chef will tell you that preparing a good dish takes patience, great ingredients and a little practice. The experts didn’t attain the skills they now have by trying each dish once and so you can’t expect to do the same either.salad-bar


Image by Pexels


If you’re wanting to blow your guests’ socks off rather than send yourself into a full blown melt down in the kitchen then follow these simple steps and reach the dizzying heights of culinary genius yourself in no time.


  1. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize


Just like we are always encouraged to accessorize any outfit with the right shoes and a piece of jewelry, you need to make sure you’re applying the very same rule to your kitchen. Being able to afford the latest kitchen accessories can be a little difficult, especially if you have other necessities that come first. Save up your extra cash in a jar in the kitchen (now that’s an incentive for you) and splash out on something you really really want or feel you’d benefit from the most. There are just some kitchen accessories you can’t be without, right?


  1. Having the right tools is essential


Image by Pexels


It’s the same with anything in life. Artists who paint beautiful pictures splurge on the best paints and the best quality canvases and brushes. You need to be doing the same. Making sure you have the right equipment is key and that starts with having the best set of knives you can get your hands on. Check out if you’re unsure of what to buy. These things aren’t cheap so you need to be making sure you’re getting the best possible product for your budget.


  1. Practice makes perfect


This one is a given. The same notion applies to everything in life and that’s certainly the case when it comes to cooking. The best chefs are the best because they have dedicated their lives to cooking. It’s about learning what works with what and what doesn’t. Learning about flavour is essential because a handful of spice can make or break a dish and the wrong herb can ruin what could have been heaven on earth. There is no such thing as a bad cook, but there is such a thing as a lazy one. Bad cooks are the types who manage to burn everything or turn even the most exciting recipe into the blandest tasting dish in history. It’s not a fluke, there is an explanation. They aren’t paying enough attention to their timings or the recipe. It’s as simple as that.


  1. Cook what you enjoy eating


Image by Pexels
This is your surefire way to cooking something your guests will love too. It’s obviously great to find out what they like and more importantly what they really don’t like, but the way to make a dish you all love is by choosing one you can’t get enough of. Enthusiasm goes a long way and if you can’t wait to get it down you, chances are it will mean your guests won’t be able to either and sometimes the tried and true are best; like this easy meal.


Bath and Body Works $100 Event

Don’t you just love Bath  & Body Works.  Reminds me that I have to get in and get some goodies!  Well a fun bunch of bloggers are bringing  one lucky winner a $100 Bath and Body Works Gift Card.  US/CAN 1/16

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Aurorae Yoga Candle Gift Guide Giveaway

With all the Christmas goodies I need to set some healthy goals for the New Year.  What will you do doing?  Two winners will each win a an Aromatherapy Candle.  US 12/30

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