Me & Mama Creations Giveaway

As a artisan myself, I love to help promote other artisans.  These are such delicate and beautiful items, I hope you will enter to win this Worldwide Giveaway!  Ends 04/17

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$50 Little Adventures Gift Certificate Giveaway

Do you remember Mr. Dressup and the Tickle Trunk?  My children loved him.  When they were growing up I had a tickle trunk with great imagination adventures waiting for them.  Check out this fun giveaway and build your own Adventures!  US 04/15

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How Your Family Can Have More Cash Than Ever Before

Do you wish your family had more cash? Maybe you wish you had more money for luxuries like meals out, theme parks, and clothes. Maybe you wish you just didn’t have to worry about money so much. This guide is going to tell you how your family can have more cash than ever before! It may take a few small changes, but you’ll be able to save a substantial amount of money:

Start Doing Free Things With Your Family

Instead of doing expensive things with your family all the time, such as theme parks and expensive holidays, you can do so many fun free things with them. How about visiting some museums that are free and educational? You can also do things like picnics without spending too much, and entertain at home with films, crafts, and snacks. There are so many options whatever the weather and your budget!  In the Creston Valley, a few things available for families are a cheese factory tour; museums; Farmer’s Market; Creston Valley Wildlife Management Center; picnics by the river, watch a local hockey game, cheer for baseball team.


Switch Your Bill Providers
There’s no need to be loyal to your bill providers. Prices can creep up, and new customers get the best deals. Switching bill providers isn’t difficult, and could save you a fortune. Sometimes, all you need to do is tell your current bill providers about better deals you’ve found, and they’ll match them. If not, you just have to inform them that you’re swapping and your new company will do all of the work. Make sure you check for better offers at least once a year.

Create A Proper Family Budget
If you don’t have a proper family budget, it’s going to be really difficult for you to know how much you have to spend on certain things. Make sure you take a good look at your finances and allocate an amount for each category, such as food, entertainment, miscellaneous objects, clothes, etc. This way, you’ll manage your money so much better and be able to afford everything you need.

Give Pocket Money
Giving your kids their own pocket money from a young age can teach them so many great lessons about saving and spending. By giving them pocket money, they can save up for treats and things of their own. They can bring their money with them when you go on trips. They can learn how to make great decisions regarding their cash! Of course they shouldn’t pay for everything themselves, but you could potentially save money by encouraging them to save up for their own stuff. You’ll be gifting them with great life lessons too.

Find The Best Savings Accounts
Find the best savings accounts so you can make the most of the money you put aside for a rainy day. In the UK, Cash ISAs aren’t easily accessible, but they have great interest rates and you don’t have to pay tax on them. In Canada, check out what a Tax Free Savings Account will do for you.  Make sure your savings accounts have great interest rates!

Always Go Shopping With A List
Never go shopping without a list, whether you’re looking for food or clothes. If you go shopping for food, for example, you’re much more likely to spend more money buying things you don’t need. You can easily get sucked in by the deals and pretty packaging this way. By making a list, you’ll automatically save money and get those shopping lists over with much faster.

Look For Vouchers And Discount Codes
Before you go shopping anywhere, always look for vouchers and discount codes. You can find reliable codes regularly on sites like You can also check out magazines and things for codes you can use. Sometimes, brands will post codes on their social media. You can save a substantial amount of money by getting into the habit of looking for codes before you buy!  I use the one on my side bar.  It gives coupons and cash back.

Plan Your Meals
Plan your family meals so you know what food to buy at the start of the week. Make sure you take into account how much time you have on certain days. You could even save money by buying some things in bulk and then freezing them for a later date.  This is great for families and for couples.  I like to purchase meat this way, then repackage and freeze in meal size portions.  I can take advantage of the sales that way.

Local grown Veg

Buy Secondhand Where Possible
Sometimes, buying secondhand makes sense. There may be some things that you draw the line at, but many things won’t make a difference and you’ll still save a lot of money. For example, barely worn clothes, furniture, headphones…the list goes on. Buying second hand will save you a substantial amount of money and you’ll get the same quality of products most of the time.

Up-cycle Your Old Stuff
If you’re bored of your old furniture, it’s so easy to buy some paint and up-cycle it. I tried it with vertical blinds, worked great. This is a great way to give your home more personality too.

Sell Your Old Stuff
Instead of hoarding your old stuff or throwing it in the trash, consider whether you could sell it. Some people will buy baby’s clothes in bulk, for example. There are always people looking for computer parts, furniture, and different bits and bobs.  Maybe your community has an online facebook group that swaps or buys/sells items.

Start Growing Your Own Food
Growing your own food might sound difficult, which is why you should probably start off small at first. With your own herb garden and vegetable patch, you could save so much money on your weekly food shop, and you’ll always have fresh veg to make food with or fruit as in our case.

Canning and Perserves

Reuse Your Bags
Reuse your old shopping bags and help the environment, as well as save money. No need to buy anymore bags for life, and you’ll save a tiny amount on your shopping each time you buy. It might seem like a silly amount, but it’ll add up and you’ll finally have a use for those bags in your bag draw!

Become More Eco Friendly At Home
On the subject of becoming more eco-friendly, becoming more eco friendly at home could help you to save lots of money as well as the planet. Turn off your lights and other appliances when not in use. Turn down your heating and put on another layer. Stop running the tap when you don’t need to. It all adds up!

Doing these things will help you to have more cash for the things you really want to do!

What a Man: Treating Your Boyfriend or Husband to a Special Day

Everyone deserves a special day that’s all about them every once in awhile – even men! Whether it’s his birthday, Father’s Day or you want to treat him just because, planning a fun day for your spouse or partner takes a bit of effort. It’s worth it to make him happy and do something he’ll appreciate. If you’re not sure where to start, there are lots of things you can plan to make any day extra special. You might plan to use a whole day or just a few hours to do something memorable for him. Try some of the ideas below to get started.

Have a Fancy Meal

A good meal is always a good way to celebrate something, or just to show someone a good time. If you enjoy cooking, making something special is one way to do it. Although, if you’re usually the main cook, you might not feel like making anything. Going out to eat is another option, of course, and it means the only effort you need to make is booking a table somewhere he loves to eat, rather than cooking a meal from scratch. If you’re going to plan a meal, decide who’s going to be there. Just you and him, or family and/or friends?

Do Something He Loves (Without Complaining)

We did it!

When you’re in a relationship, married or not, you have to compromise a lot. Sometimes that means agreeing to do things together or going off to do your own thing when you don’t share a hobby. Sometimes you want to share the thing you love with your partner, even if they’re not so keen on it. Think of a way you can spend some time with him doing something he loves so he can spend time with you at the same time. Maybe he loves camping and always wants you to come, but the idea doesn’t usually appeal to you. But, crucially, you’re not allowed to complain! You never know, you might enjoy yourself.

Give Him a Day to Himself

Some time to yourself is often a luxury, especially when you live with someone or have kids. If you get to take time for yourself sometimes, make sure your partner does too. One of the best gifts for men who have everything is an experience they can enjoy, instead of a material gift. There are lots of things you can treat him to, from a day at the golf course to a sailing experience or a brewery tour. He might invite you along, but don’t expect to be the one to go with him. You could give him something to do with a group of friends. Alternatively, just let him do what he wants all day.

Stay in Bed All Day

You don’t have to choose a fun activity to do to make him special. Staying in bed all day and maybe engaging in a bit of pampering can be just as fun, if not more so. Whether you’re going to laze around or get a bit more energetic, there’s no need to leave the house, or even your bedroom, if you want to plan a day of fun. A special massage or maybe a game could get things going. Start with breakfast in bed, and see where it goes from there…

Picture curtosy of Max Pixel

Enjoy a Day In

Even if you don’t spend the whole day in bed, you can have a fun day at home without leaving the house. There’s plenty you can do, but you might decide to simply spend the day in front of the TV. Life can get hectic, and sometimes you just want to relax and not do much of anything. Plus, if you both have busy lives it can be hard to spend a lot of time together, especially if you don’t live together. When you get the opportunity, it’s often much nicer to stay home rather than make an effort to go out and see other people. Stock up on snacks and plan to not go anywhere.

Get a Gift

Not all occasions require a gift, but there might be times when one is appropriate. And even if there isn’t a particular occasion to celebrate, a gift can be fun to give just because you feel like it. Gifts can be big or small, whether they’re to mark a special event or just something you saw that made you think of your partner.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to treat your husband or boyfriend to a special day. Think of some ways to spoil him just because you can.

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen $100 GC Giveaway

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen $100 GC Giveaway – US 04/01

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HighFive Easy Mattress Protector Giveaway

Night time bed changes, a thing of the past for me, but if you still have a little one in the crib you need to get your entries in.  Five lucky winners will receive a HighFive Easy Mattress Protector / Waterproof Fitted Sheet!   Giveaway US 04/12

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Womb to Walking Kumfy Soft Nursing Pad Giveaway

There is going to be 10 – you got that right, ten winners!  Get your entries in to win a set of eight nursing pads with bonus washer bag from Kumfy Soft.  US Giveaway 3/31

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Hurricane Spin Scrubber Giveaway

 Scrubbing the tub and tile was always one of the jobs that made my back ache.  This Spin Scrubber is something I need.  What about you, do you find it difficult to bend over a tub to clean?  Get your entries in because one lucky winner will be cleaning easier.  US  04/01

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DRMTLGY Anti-Aging Kit Giveaway

Visible signs of aging are not set in Stone.  Even if you’ve passed that magic age, you can still turn back the clock on your skin and actually undo signs of damage.  Check this out!   One lucky winner is going to receive $227 worth of skin care products!  DRMTLGY Anti-Aging Kit Giveaway is open to US 04/02.

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CTMH – Layouts

When I am not working on the computer or painting in the studio, I love to scrapbook.  I have made cards for years, but the 12×12 layouts are fairly new for me.  That is what I love about Close To My Heart, the instructions are clear and easy to follow.  They are great for beginners to get started or for the more experienced to use as a platform to expand with their own creativity.

This double layout is from the Hello Lovely kit; using the instructions to create with other CTMH papers.

With the amazing contest I won last month, included was a subscription to Creative Scrapbooker Magazine.  In there I found a CTMH page with this sweet layout.  There was no instructions but I figured I could make it work.  I have been wanting to do some pages for our sweet unicorn and now was the time.  Using some papers and embellishments from the contest and maybe a few things from my stash, this is how it turned out!  Not exact, but then where would creativity be?  Are you looking for inspiration for your scrapbooking or card making, drop by Creative Scrapbooker Magazine and give them a thumbs up and a comment on one of their post.  I know they will appreciate it.

Happy Scrapping!


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