Basement Storage

Part of the renovations we began in the basement were because of water damage.  Somewhere, some time in the recent history of this house there had been a flood.  Not a flood like we had in Alberta in 2013, but still there was issues that need to be addressed.  Most of these were hidden gems.  Like this one.  water damage

The “before” of our home had large two foot deep cupboards lining the outside walls.  These were on a subfloor built with 2×4’s.  We had decided to dismantle them for various reasons.  One being they were so numerous and so deep as to be hard to find things.  I like to be able to look at my shelves and see just what is in them.  What I really wanted, besides the pantry area that my Handy Man built under the stairs, was a storage room that would contain all. corner

So started the take down.  The main wall between the rumpus room (do people still call it a rumpus room?) had some weird veneer glued over the drywall.  HM, Handy Man, had to pull this off to get to the studs.  Oh joy, more water.  We thought it had been mainly contained but as you can see the drywall had wicked up the water like a sponge.  A very good reason to make sure your drywall is Not directly on the cement.   Even though the drywall was damaged, the insulation underneath was pink and dry.  One less thing to worry about.

With the last bit of the floor painted and sealed and the wall up, my storage room is starting to take shape.

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