Blue Dolphins

When we moved I had to leave my shower curtain hooks with the old house.  I never thought it would be a big deal.  Right?  You can get shower curtain hooks anywhere!  Oh how wrong I was.

The curtain and hooks in the new house were something special!  Mmmm, love Blue Dolphins.  They did match the tile and the former paint colour.

Blue Dolphins

Classic Blue Dolphins

Did anyone else notice how Ugly shower hooks had gotten!  I looked at Winners, Walmart, Home Depot; I even resorted to looking in the dollar stores.  The only ones I could find I really did not like.  They were too thin and some had a series of beads on the top.  Really not my style.  So when my daughter wanted to shop at Home Sense in Calgary I did not hold out much hope.  I needed a shower caddy as well as mine was lost somewhere in the move.

I was so excited to find so many designs of shower hooks!  I know, it takes so little to make me exicted 🙂   I actually had a hard time choosing.  In the end it was a choice between two and these are the ones I picked.  I think they go well with the curtain.

New hooks

New Button Hooks

Have you had any decorating challenges lately?


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