Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming at Skimmerhorn Studio.  These glass ornaments will be going to a gallery in Okotoks, AB in time for their Spirit of Christmas show.



Skimmerhorn Studio

Skimmerhorn Studio

Wordless Wednesday

Special Delivery to Nana & Bop

Special Delivery to Nana & Bop

National Craft Month ~ March

In honor of National Craft Month, I am posting my efforts from today.  Granted they are not “handmade” but on the other hand, I did make them.

I received a gift of a Microsoft Office Suite which included 2010 Publisher Program.  My computer had been factory reset and I had lost the key to my previous Office Suite.  I was helpless!  Especially without my Publisher.  Do you have a program that you particularly like?  I LOVE Publisher.  It is so easy to use and I just feel like I can make it stand on end.

With our move to another Province, I decided my Art site needed an update and new name so I choose Skimmerhorn Studio.  I have also been going to a couple of markets where I need to have a business card; cards for my hand painted glasses, etc.  Improvisation was the name of the game.  For business cards I used small (I mean mini) watercolour paintings and for a company name plate I painted a picture, and little white tags for prices.

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Pop Up Mall

There is a new market in town, the Creston Valley’s Pop Up Mall.  A room with a great selection of vendors, small businesses and artisans from the area.  I tried out my new art studio glass creations there for the first time, with my new art name, Skimmerhorn Studio.  You can find my art work at

Skimmerhorn Studio

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Painting is Joy

Painting is joy for me. The desire to create something beautiful.  Before Christmas I was privileged to be commissioned to do a watercolour of two dear pets.  It was finished and duly sent off.

I wondered how they liked it, how the recipient liked it, and what it had been framed like. I received a message after Christmas with a picture and note.  It has been framed and now hangs in a special spot in their home.  It is very exciting for me and a blessing.   Here is the framed picture.  Framed

Creating paintings or any art form is an expression of the artist themselves.  Something that needs to be brought to the surface.  What do you do to express yourself?  Are you a writer?  Do you dance or sing?  Do you create by adding colour to a picture already drawn or perhaps you play with paper scraping?  Knit or sew?  I would love to hear from you.

DIY – Chalk Paint Curtains

Chalk Paint came into my radar before we moved last year.  Probably just about this time of year too.  I need to update my kitchen cupboards and decided it was my best bet.

They turned out fantastic and I was so pleased with the results I decided to do my coffee table as well.  It was looking pretty good, then my son used it for a platform to move things in the storage shed when we were packing up.  Now it has great big footprints!  Boys.  I do plan to redo it.

The next project was window treatment for my studio in the new home. [Read more…]

Wordless Wednesday



There be Dragons

“There be Dragons” 

Coloring Dragons by Pictura. Featuring artwork of John Howe. Coloured by DesignsbyLesley(me!)

Making a Sweet Little Apron

My mother taught me to sew back when I was just a nipper.  She had been sewing as a seamstress since she was thirteen.  She made clothing, curtains and just about everything in between.  She had an old Bernia that I learned to sew on and when I had the chance, I bought one very similar.  I love that old machine!  When she got a serger, I learned on that too and when mom moved a step up, I got her old one.

Sewing was a part of my life.  I made clothes for myself, my husband and our children.  At one time I even thought I would sew for a job.  That did not work out!  It was the “can I have this wedding dress by the weekend” on Thursday night call that did me in.

This is a long introduction to something so simple as a Sweet Little Apron.  If you know how to sew, you could use this as a picture tutorial.  It is pretty beginner, I think.

The town we live in does not have a fabric store, but rather a general store with fabric.  Most of their merchandise was for quilting, 100% cotton.  There was some really beautiful cloths and I debated on picking out one that was elegant, but then I saw the owls.  I could not resist those little faces.  I bought one meter (39″ give or take) and a package of wide bias tape to match.

I thought they would have patterns but no such luck.  So I decided to make my own pattern from an apron I had made for my husband ages ago, and add a few girly touches.

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Valentine Card – Ombre Heart

February is already sneaking up on us fast.  Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it.  Here is a quick card you can do and have tucked away for your special sweetheart.

I wanted to try an outline of a heart and thought of dots, but as you can see, it turned into an Ombre Heart!  Ombre Heart 7

Start with a small square/rectangle of watercolour paper as the base for your painting.  I cut out a smaller heart, this can be from anything that will hold some shape, like a good card stock.   [Read more…]

Look Ma, I’m a Blogger

Blogging is something new for me, as you may have guessed.  I started out, as many have, by entering contests.  It has now morphed into a little blog of the area we live in and my favourite things to do.   It certainly gives me a new appreciation of the Bloggers I follow.  It is hard enough for me to make three posts a week, let alone the number that these hard working Bloggers do.

It makes me realize that a “like” or “comment” is like a break in the clouds and the sun shines through.  It makes me want to try harder to make relevant comments longer than one word!   Really.  I am so impressed with all of you.

You Bloggers out there ROCK!  I don’t know if I will ever make the grade as a real live blogger, but it is fun to try.  Now where is my fuel?Tea and Cookies

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