Magic Canvas Colorful Surprise Giveaway!

When my children were growing up, too old for naps but I still needed a quiet time, I would try and have something like this Magic Canvas.  A fun activity creating and Mom get a time for a quiet cuppa, everyone wins.  Giveaway US/CAN 11/17

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Smiles Better: Top Tips for Terrific Teeth

Taking good care of your teeth is something that you should be doing throughout your life. After all, prevention is far better than the cure. So, if you have kids, these are the kinds of habits that you will want to instill in them from a young age. And it can’t hurt to remind yourself of them even if you are an adult! So, here are a few top tips for terrific teeth that you can carry with you during your lifetime (beyond the obvious brushing and flossing advice).

Visit the Dentist as Often as Recommended


As well as the habits that you do yourself, visiting the dentist on a regular basis is part of any good oral health regime. Your dentist can help you to identify any problems that may occur at an early stage so you know how best to deal with them. They can also provide you with specific advice and tips that you can use. You may also find that you need to visit an orthodontist like Family Braces to get your teeth straightened. Ultimately, visiting the professionals on a regular basis can make all the difference.


Consider Your Diet


A poor diet can contribute massively to poor oral hygiene so you should investigate what you are eating. An excess of sugary drinks and snacks is never going to be a good thing, as these have been shown to speed up the process of tooth decay. A few examples of food and drink which have been shown to be kind to teeth include cheese, crackers, fresh water and milk. A lot of processed food contains more sugar than you would automatically think, so you should always look at labels and packaging before purchase.


Follow the One Hour Rule



The one hour rule is a good one to follow as it is a straightforward way of remembering when to brush your teeth. It takes roughly 40 minutes for your mouth to neutralise the acid caused by eating, so it is best to wait an hour after eating to brush your teeth to be safe. If you brush your teeth too soon after eating, this can cause tiny particles of enamel to be brushed away. You can help your mouth by rinsing it out with cold water after eating.


Teeth, Not Tools!


Using your teeth for anything other than eating is a disaster waiting to happen. Using them as a bottle opener is a common party trick, but it is actually one which could prove to be very dangerous for your mouth. Even biting open softer packaging can prove to be problematic. If you do happen to cause any damage to your teeth in any way, you should take a trip to the emergency dentist at the earliest possible opportunity.

Following these four pieces of advice can really help you out when it comes to your long-term dental health. After all, you only get one set of teeth (well, two if you are a kid!) so you need to look after them properly.       

Messmatz Creativity Mat for Kids & Adults Giveaway!

Love this little mat!  I wish I had them when my kiddos were small, just think of all the places they could be used;  cookie making, play dough, bead crafts, so many ways.  I would absolutely use one in my art studio.  One Winner will have their choice of an In-stock colour!  Best of all…open to US and Canada! US/Can 10/19

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Smooth legs with less time – #IntuitionEffect!

Smooth legs with less time – #IntuitionEffect!


This past week we have had two small grand boys visiting.  Two of our little wolves, as we call them.  It has been a fantastic visit and a treat to be able to spend such quality time.  With all the activity, and believe me there was lots of activity, I was lucky to have a few minutes to myself to get ready!  I was so happy to receive my new Schick Intuition razor just in time to get ready for all the fun.  #Gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback opn the product, which is also an contest entry on 5 Minutes for Mom


We have been down to the river to swim. Gone up the lake road to a great beach called Lockhart Beach which is part of the Lockhart Provincial Park; swimming, fishing and throwing rocks.  Checked out Creston’s Rotary Spray Park – a couple of times in the heat wave we are having.  Gone to the toy store; walked to the library; and filled a small pool in the back yard to splash in.  Forgot to mention berry picking at our favourite U-Pick strawberries and saskatoon berries and picking up eggs at a local farm.

Any Day is a Good Day for Fishing

Fruits of Their Labour

Tucked in all the goings about, I was able to try my new Schick Intuition razor.  It was such a pleasure to use.  First, it fit really comfortably in my hand, I did not feel like I was going to drop it.  On the top there is a delicately scented lathering bar built around the razor.  You run it under water to start and then just shave.  It was fast and so smooth you couldn’t really tell there was a razor attached.  I had to feel my legs to see if it was working 😀  I am now ready for any pool side activity!

1 2 3 Easy

Amara Organic Baby Food Introduction Pack Giveaway!

Giving your baby healthy and nutritious food is so important for them and for your peace of mind!   There will  be three winners for this great package.  Amara Organic Baby Food! 3 Winners! $75 TRV! US 6/30

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How Can You Make Gift Giving Even More Exciting?

The big day is almost here. You’ve figured out how to make it a special, memorable event. You’ve chosen an amazing gift. And now you’re ready for it all to come together. But what if there’s something missing? You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know there’s something else you could have done to stretch out the fun.


And that something extra is spicing up how you give your gift. Forget about just wrapping it up and leaving all the presents in a pile. No, we’re talking about making your gift giving a truly exciting moment, that they’ll never forget.


So, how do you do this? Here’s a few ideas to get you started. If you’ve got any other ideas, don’t forget to leave them in the comment section below!


Turn it into a treasure hunt


If you’re going to this amount of effort, it’s likely that you know this person very well. So, make a list of all the places in your area that mean something to you both. Maybe it’s parks you used to play in as children, or cafes where you had your first few dates. Either way, pick a couple of venues and start writing clues to lead your person to each of them. Then, in each venue either leave another clue (if they’re unlikely to get lost or moved), or give them the next clue on arrival. Remember to pick places based on transport and location – if it’s easy for you to drive around, you can pick ones slightly further afield. But if you’re hosting a lot of people, it’ll be better to have them within walking distance. Spusht has some fab ideas here, on how you can make it an awesome experience.


Make each gift stand out


If you’ve got gifts that your person needed rather than wanted – you know, the practical items that everyone asks for every year – then why not add a special touch on top? Yes, they want that gorgeously bound notebook and a nice new pen, but if you can add their name, initials or business name, you’ve just elevated the value a hundredfold. Sites like Giftsin24 have plenty of personalisation options to explore. Likewise, you could even experiment when it comes to wrapping the gifts up. BuzzFeed’s post here is full of inspirational ways to give gift cards – you’re probably not gifting these, but many of the ideas could be used for your presents.


Create your own game show


Remember all those TV shows you used to watch when you were younger? There would always be some incredible prizes up for grabs, and the contestants would have to battle it out to win the best loot. Well, why not try to recreate this yourself? You could it on a small scale or a huge one, depending on your budget. Either set up like a quiz show, and create questions based on the person’s life, or try to do your own obstacle course! There are some fun, easy obstacle courses in this article from SimpleKids. You could even try a ‘Mr & Mrs’ style game, where everyone at the party has to answer questions on behalf of our special person, and vice versa. There are some good question ideas here.


If you come up with any more fab ways of giving your gifts, let us know below!  


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Little Wolves

I loved being a mama but being a Nana takes me over the top!  We have five little wolves in our pack with one little wolf arriving in October.  Most recently there was one more announcement, a Unicorn!  Our little pack is growing and we love it.

This past week one of the youngest came to visit.  We did not get near enough time with him with going to school every day but each moment was precious.


Nana's Helper

Nana’s Helper

Bop and Little Wolf

Bop and Little Wolf

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