Messmatz Creativity Mat for Kids & Adults Giveaway!

Love this little mat!  I wish I had them when my kiddos were small, just think of all the places they could be used;  cookie making, play dough, bead crafts, so many ways.  I would absolutely use one in my art studio.  One Winner will have their choice of an In-stock colour!  Best of all…open to US and Canada! US/Can 10/19

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School is Out!


Well, Bop and I finished our three months of school and now the rubber hits the road, as they say.

We have taken three months of self-employment training, sponsored by the Provincial and Federal Government, geared toward “older workers”.  We both went into the training with ideas of what kind of business we wanted to start.  Bop finished the way he started, with his wood.  He now has a business from his hobby of working with reclaimed wood.  Be sure to drop by Bop’s and see the wonderful things he makes from pallets.



My idea morphed several times and finally settled on my art and watercolour painting.  I also have the opportunity to continue with the support offered by KES, Kootenay Employment Services and Community Futures.  They approved my business plan and I now have a contract that will provide me with basic living expenses and support for my business for the next 38 weeks.  Stay tuned for more details as I get this rocket under way.

It’s exciting to run with your passion!


In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision.

Peter F. Drucker

School Days



Fall has rolled around in some parts of the country and kids have gone back to school.  Any moms out there doing the happy dance?  Or were there a few tears as you watched your babies grow up overnight? [Read more…]


You are Perfect the way you are!

You are Perfect the way you are!

It has been an interesting couple of weeks at school.  There are seven in the class and each of us has gone through a stage of being overwhelmed.  The first two weeks were pretty much all introspection.  Things like the Myers-Briggs and True Colours that I mentioned in a previous post, but also workshops on Stress Management; Entrepreneurial Self-Worth, Personal Vision Statement, Self Esteem and the list goes on!

In each case we had to examine ourselves, to be truthful to ourselves in who we really were, and I confess, there were tears.  There are some places I did not want to go.  Then when one of the instructors pointed out something she appreciated in me, well, I lost it.  Do any of you find it hard to believe there are others that appreciate you?  For yourself?  For just being you?  Wow, who knew?

One very exciting moment for me was when I realized that it was my art that I wanted to make a business plan with.  I realized it was my passion and now there is excitement in getting started with the plan.  I still want to “skip to the end” but also really want this to work for me so back to school on Monday, or in this case Tuesday!

What is your passion?  Have you ever considered making it your business?

“Passion will move men beyond themselves,

beyond their shortcomings,

beyond their failures.”  

 Joseph Campbell, American Mythologist, Writer, and Lecturer

Going Back to School

school-85619_1280No this is not about kids but about me and about my sweetheart.  We are going back to school.  This is not in the sense of starting in September with the eye to a degree or certificate, but rather a program directed at “older workers” exploring the options of self-employment, starting our own business. [Read more…]

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