Cleaning Your Top Load Washing Machine

When we bought our home the appliances appeared pretty clean.  For awhile they were fine but then we started to notice a smell of damp, mold.  Now if you have looked at some of our renovation posts you will see that we had a water issue, now fixed.  We thought the odor was coming from the basement, but no, it was from the washing machine.

I ran a couple of cycles with just water, and then just water and vinegar.  It seems to help for about a week, or two, but then the smell came back.  Yuck, just nothing like it.  Well, maybe if you leave a load of towels in the machine and forget to take them out for a couple of days.  Did I just say that out loud?  Have not done that in years!

The next thing I checked was the center agitator where you put liquid fabric softener.  It was really gunked up.  I mean Really bad.  How did I not notice that before?  I set about taking it apart.

What as inside and my tools

What as inside and my tools

I washed, dug, and picked until it was completely clean.  Water now ran freely through and there was no residue left.

Nice and CleanNext I went to the machine itself.  Underneath where the dispenser sat was mold, I’m sure.  It looked it anyway.  I took some bleach water and a rag and wiped it down.  Then wiped all around the drum where I could reach and the lid.  I took off the bleach dispenser as well and cleaned and wiped that as well.What was under the dispenser Put it all back together and it looks and smells great.  Most of the gunk was hidden and I am so glad I went looking.  As I am still a fan of liquid fabric softener I read the directions.  I know, if all else fails…  Did you know that you are to add the fabric softener and then Fill The Dispenser with water?  I did not know that.  I have cut my fabric softener to a quarter and started following directions.  What a difference.  It does not clog up and stays fresh and clean.  Clean and Fresh

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