Continuing Renos

It seems like we are counting our renovations by months. July was the sewer pipe replacement; August and September were walls; October and November were floors, then there were things like the fireplace and a window or two that just fit in where they could.

Don’t ever think you will hurry renos.  They move at their own speed, especially when the hired help are over 60!  I think that the fun of doing renovations is taking your time and doing a “job well done”.  It is exciting to see rooms come together.  Then the house really becomes your home.

A few pictures of the flooring process will give you some idea of where we came from.  studio beforeThis was the Blue Room.  It, along with the Pink Room, had glued down carpet.  Very old glued down carpet.  The picture shows what is left on the floor after the carpet is removed.  We took an ice scraper to it and scrapped most of it off.  studioSame room, but I had taken paint primer and rolled the floor.  It kept the dust from the carpet residue from flying all over.  This prepped the floor for the laminate.  It was clean and smooth.  Floor in SpareHere is the start of the Pink Room.  With a roll of foam placed down, starting in the left corner, the laminate goes down.  There are many great sites for dyi laminate flooring.  They give tips for door ways, YouTubes for difficult spots, and of course, trial and error.

prep work 2 prep work starting dining floorThe living area took much more prep work.  Floors had to be leveled and squeak proofed.  In the end we are glad we did all the preps because the floor looks fantastic.

dining floor

This is not quite an “after” picture as the trim is not on.  Did I mention that we decided not to replace the old trim?  Gluttons for punishment!

Have you installed your own flooring?  How did it turn out?

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