Creating Your Perfect Day: How To Manage Your DIY Wedding

These days, DIY weddings are getting more and more popular. They’re a way for you to really convey your own style and creativity on your big day and to save a little money by doing everything yourself. Here are some tips on how to manage your day…

Get Your Priorities Straight
You need to consider what you really want from your wedding day.  What do you want to prioritize spending your money on?  Are you saving for a destination wedding?  Do you go for food over flowers?  Do we really need to invite great auntie May?  Make sure that you and your partner are on the same page about what exactly you expect from your big day.  This will save on arguments further down the line.

Set Yourself A Budget

It is absolutely crucial that you set yourself a wedding budget – and that you stick to it! Starting married life with a huge debt from wedding expenses is no way to begin your life together. Remember, even though you want a spectacular day to remember, your long term happiness is more important than any short term obligation you feel to keep up with your friends’ weddings or to impress people. Make sure  your budget is carefully laid out and you don’t go over it. You may want to dedicate part of your budget to being “spare money”, in case another area of the wedding goes unavoidably over what you’d planned to spend on it.

Make Your Guest List Early


In order to be able to plan anything else, you need to decide who exactly you want to invite to your wedding. Once you’ve spoken to your partner about who you want to invite, it’ll be much easier to book a venue and to budget for food. Remember that you don’t have to invite anyone that you don’t want to – your parents may want you to invite their old friends who you haven’t seen for years, and if they’re helping you out financially then you may feel obligated to agree, but the decision at the end of the day, is always yours.

Get Organised

The best way to get organised with your wedding is to make yourself a spreadsheet. On your spreadsheet, you should list everything you need to do, when it needs to be done by, if you’ve paid for it, how much you’ve paid, and when the remaining money needs to be paid by. Set yourself deadlines to book your venue, florist and caterer so you make sure that you get the people you want.  Schedule in extra days to go dress shopping, in case it takes you longer than anticipated to find the ideal gown or for the innumerable fittings.  Something else that adds up very quickly are the extras for your dress; things like veil; jewellery, shoes, etc.  Don’t forget to put them in the dress budget.

Keep Your Guests Informed

One way to ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly is to make sure that your wedding guests all know exactly what’s going on with it. There’s nothing that’ll stress you out more than a flurry of text messages and phone calls the week before the wedding asking for information that you should probably have given out sooner! That’s why you need to plan your wedding invitations carefully. Pick out your favourite ones online – for instance, these pocket fold wedding invitations – and make sure you put everything on there that your guests may need to know. You could include an insert on local hotels, train stations and parking, along with a dress code and a plan of how the day will go.

Delegate Tasks


Remember that it’s impossible to do every single thing leading up to your wedding all by yourself. If you try to tackle that monumental task, chances are you’ll end up burning out and resenting your wedding for happening at all! Bear in mind that it’s just one day and that the marriage afterwards is what really matters. It’s okay, therefore, to let a few things go. If you have artistic friends, let them help out with your table decorations or bake and decorate your cake. If your partner loves music, then let him sort out your wedding band, DJ or playlist. You don’t have to do everything yourself.

Include Your Hobbies

pexels-photo-60257 pexels-photo-60258

Including a hobby into your wedding will give it a special and personal feeling. If you and your partner share the same hobbies, then you could let them influence your décor. For example, if you bonded over a love of Harry Potter, you could name your tables after the characters or Hogwarts houses. Add some cute and quirky touches to your wedding to make it all about you and your relationship.

Keep Communicating With Your Partner

When you’re stressed out, it’s easy to get snippy and irritable with your partner – we always take out our feelings on the people we love the most! Take time out to talk about topics that aren’t related to your wedding. One good idea is to go out – or stay in! – on one date night every week during which all wedding talk is absolutely banned.  Another idea is to schedule in time to talk specifically about the wedding plans; list questions and updates on budget, making sure there are no surprises on either side.

Relax On Your Big Day


Most of all, remember to allow yourself a wedding day that you can really enjoy. Make all your preparations well in advance so you can relax and pamper yourself as much as possible in the week before your big day. Book appointments to get a massage, a manicure and a pedicure so you feel like you’re looking at your best, and get your eyebrows done a few days before your wedding so they look good but your face isn’t red and sore. Make sure that you have friends willing to help organize the big day itself, like helping guests to order taxis at the end of the night, so you can kick back, have a glass of champagne and enjoy your very first day of being married.


  1. gloria patterson says:

    A lot of great information here. When my sister in law planned her wedding she was so organized. And afterwords they only owed about $500. They paid for every thing as they went

  2. I have been to a couple of do it yourself weddings. I have to say that the one was more laid back than the other one. Plus I had as great of time at both just as if I would’ve been at a planned one.
    I also got 2 pictured postcards of the engaged couple asking to keep their wedding day open. I thought that was really classy. I’ve never gotten anything like that before a wedding. Planned or not, I feel honored that I was asked to be there to witness their blessed union!

  3. accontests6 says:

    Thank you!

  4. (Creating Your Perfect Day: How To Manage Your DIY Wedding) I liked reading this, my third oldest son and his girlfriend are getting married in June of 2017, can’t wait!

  5. Congrats.

  6. Thank you for the tips and info, my daughter is getting married soon

  7. Fantastic information that you have posted here. It is really useful to have.

  8. These are such great tips for a perfect day. Congrats to all the new brides out there.

  9. Irene Lirette says:

    I love DIY stuff, I actually went to a wedding where the Bride made all her was beautiful!!

  10. Great tips! I organized my own wedding. It may require more time, but it’s more amusing and it makes the event more memorable. At the moment I am helping my best friend organize her summer wedding.

  11. Great Tips. We had my coworkers make the different desserts. We had one small cake, just for photos but then we had all sorts of yummy desserts. It was a really fun addition to the festivities.

  12. Thanks for the great tips.

  13. Great ideas! I had my cousin as my personal attendant, which meant she made things ran smoothly and took care of any issues that arose.

  14. A budget and organization are great tools to help plan a successful wedding.

  15. When I got married, my challenge was balancing what my husband and I wanted and could do, versus what our parents wanted, like inviting the whole planet.

  16. Amber Ludwig says:

    Yes!! All so important!! Especially delegating!! I have such an issue with it and then I am frantic!!

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