DIY – Chalk Paint Curtains

Chalk Paint came into my radar before we moved last year.  Probably just about this time of year too.  I need to update my kitchen cupboards and decided it was my best bet.

They turned out fantastic and I was so pleased with the results I decided to do my coffee table as well.  It was looking pretty good, then my son used it for a platform to move things in the storage shed when we were packing up.  Now it has great big footprints!  Boys.  I do plan to redo it.

The next project was window treatment for my studio in the new home.  When we move in the bedrooms and living room had vertical blinds.  They were removed from the master and spare rooms because I had curtains that could be used but there were none for my studio.   That is when I thought of Chalk Paint.  In the many YouTube Videos and other places on line I found out that you could use it on fabric.  Basically thought, Why Not?  This is what the blinds looked like, except not so white.  They had yellowed and faded somewhat.

Before Window

Vertical Blinds

I found some from American Paint Company in our local hardware store.  The colour I chose was Freedom Road, a wonderful deep grey.

Because these are fabric on one side they absorbed a fair amount of paint.  I tried using the paint straight from the can, but used copious amounts.  Then tried thinning it down with water and got too thin so it took four coats to cover.  It was trial and error.

Finally I got the consistency to where I could get good coverage in three coats, without using tons of paint.  As it was, with all the trials, I had to purchase a second can for the last coat on three verticals.  Yup, only three left and could not squeeze any more out.

You can see the paint straight from the can was thick, more like pudding.  By adding small amounts of water you can achieve the consistency you want.  I made mine more like syrup.  The verticals need to be painted on the back as well, it is a plastic/rubber backing which covers easily.

After each coat you basically have to “watch paint dry”.  I used a clothes rack to dry them on, much like drying noodles!  At first I had an old plastic tablecloth under them, but they did not drip.  Just be careful to balance them and watch the weighted end doesn’t pull it off the rack.

Hanging to dry, like noodles

Noodle Blinds

Once each vertical has been painted to your satisfaction you can hang them back up.  At first they will look a little bumpy, but the weights will soon straighten them out.

It’s finished.  Would I do them again?  Yes, I think I would.  It was time consuming as I had to do small batches in a small space, but over all I am very pleased with the results.  A couple quick tips.

  1. Use parchment paper as a surface to paint on.  Easy clean up and the paint drys quickly on it.
  2. Keep your brush in water or sealed in a zippy bag between drying bouts.  I can’t believe I am telling you that about the water; it’s not a great thing for your brush.  However, the paint will dry in your brush and leave little bits as you paint.  Not good!  By leaving it in water you can mix in a bit more thick paint so you don’t thin your paint too much.  DON’T leave the brush in water overnight!  Clean up and start again.
  3. Make sure you know which side to hang the verticals before you start.  Unlike me who changed her mind half way through and now has to go back and unhook and turn them the other way.

Have you tried Chalk Paint?  What did you paint?  I would love to see your projects.

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  1. MultiTestingMom says:

    I haven’t tried chalk paint, but do you know where I’m tempted to use it?? My backyard on our fence!

  2. I didn’t know you could paint blinds. How cool is that. I have not tried chalk paint. I thought about it, but have never done it.

  3. janie vezina says:

    very interesting, never thought of painting blinds.

  4. Terry Poage says:

    I didn’t know you could paint blinds, that is pretty cool.

  5. Lynne Chambers says:

    WOW! Who knew! This is pretty amazing!

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