Elk Amble

Elk AmbleTaking the bikes to the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area seemed like a good idea at the time.  Go farther, faster.  It did not work that way.  I am out of shape and pushing the pedals took a good deal of effort and a lot of walking in between.

We took the Elk Amble on the north side of the Highway.  The paths are rough with rocks and then smooth out to grass.  Both made biking difficult.

Elk Amble is a 3 hour walk. Forking off of the Marsh Trail and continuing north of Highway 3 you will access a myriad of ponds and our 2 story viewing tower. (https://www.crestonwildlife.ca/recreation/trails)

5HomesteadWe came across this old “homestead” about 1/2 way round a dry pond.  On the right far in the distance is my sweetheart.  It was an easy ride for him.  Just beyond you can see the Viewing Tower and lunch stop!

Turtle OtterWe saw some wildlife on this trip.

The Western Painted Turtle hiding in his shell and a few Otters snacking out on a fish.

We saw three Great Blue Herons but I was not fast enough with my camera.

7 6Here are a couple of shots from the Tower.  It was a great spot to stop for lunch and to admire the view.

It was a wonderful day and even out of shape it was a good ride.  Next time, however, I think I will walk.


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