Expressing Your Creativity

It doesn’t matter what age you are, exploring and expressing your creativity is good for the soul. Best of all, it doesn’t matter how you do it. You might enjoy arts or crafts. Perhaps you have a musical instrument you pick up from time to time. Are you a secret cake baker, or perhaps a wannabe photographer? It doesn’t matter whether you think you’re any good at it or not. It’s about relaxing, expressing, enjoying, and creating.

Some of the most creative people in the world have mundane nine to five jobs. Perhaps their creativity is just bursting to get out. And those that get to work in creative roles probably love their jobs more than most. It’s part of who we are as humans. We need to express ourselves through art, music, and other activities. How long has it been since you spent any time doing your favorite hobby? Why not make this weekend the start of a lifelong interest that you’ll prioritize some time for each week. After all, there are plenty of studies to show that we need these creative outlets for good health!

Sketching and Painting

Working on a new design

Some people knit, others sew. Either hobby is very creative, even if you’re following patterns or instructions. You’re making something and sometimes even designing something. There is something tangible to show for your efforts, and when it’s finished, it’s a job well done. That sense of satisfaction that you get is really good for the soul. If you haven’t dusted off your machine for a while, don’t panic. There are plenty of sewing machine parts still available to get you going at full speed again. Start with something small like a scarf. Then explore more intricate ideas.

Sketching, drawing, coloring, and painting are so therapeutic. They relax the mind by focusing it on the small details. Best of all, there are so many different styles, you can experiment to find your preferences. If you haven’t had a chance to draw for a while, take an hour this weekend to sit down with a sketch pad. You can free-draw. This is when the mind relaxes completely, and your hand just wanders the pencil across the page until something forms. Or maybe you have a subject in mind. Give it a go.

Almost Done

Almost Done

Before you throw out the trash or pile up the recycling, reclaim a few bits of cardboard or containers. Sculpting with trash is cost-free and freeing for your creative soul. You don’t mind your creative projects not working out when you’re manipulating trash instead of clay, art card, or metal. Build something, shape it, nurture it, and express your feelings within it. If you’re not planning on keeping it, be sure to take a photo for a social media pinboard. Keeping a record of your creative activities can be very rewarding.

Finding the time is never difficult when you commit to taking it. Let loose, go wild, and be free to express whatever it is you feel with your arts. Then make it a hobby you can commit to forever.


  1. Tamra Phelps says:

    I agree completely. Everyone just feels better about themselves when they finish any project that expresses their creativity.

  2. Sherry Fram says:

    I agree!! I sew & make quilts. It gives me a sense of satisfaction & pride when I get a project done. Doing the projects gives my life balance.

  3. I really need a hobby in my life. I have been thinking about learning to knit. I really enjoyed this article. Thank you so much for sharing it

  4. gloria patterson says:

    YOU are a very good artist! I would love to have something like this paint on a old white cabinet I have.

  5. kristen visser says:

    I am not a creative person by any means but I thoroughly enjoy admiring everyone elses creativity and accomplishments 🙂

  6. Rebecca Kerchner-Love says:

    I am very expressive in my creativity, unfortunately my family still hasn’t figured out why I ignore no emergencies when I’m writing or drawing

  7. I am a knitter. I do not have an ability to paint or draw. But this past summer I had to put the needles down for a bit and boy did I miss the outlet and the creativity that comes along with it.

  8. My brother is the creative one in the family, I try however, he outdoes me when it comes to being creative. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I used to sew when I was younger and I still had a sewing machine. When I was pregnant, I sewed some really nice dresses and simple jackets for myself because I thought maternity clothes were expensive and tended to look dowdy.

  10. Angela Lombardi says:

    I need to find a hobby! I have always wanted to learn to knit maybe now is the time!

  11. Amber Ludwig says:

    Yes!! I think I need to find a way to express my creativity!! I really love watercolors but they are so challenging!! Maybe I will have to give them a whirl again!!

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