Family Christmas Traditions

There are so many great family traditions, especially centered around the holidays.

I have always loved to bake and the traditions of baking certain recipes was an easy one for me to keep.  Handed down from my Mom and my handyman’s Mom are treasured recipes for Christmas cookies.  There are also a few grownup recipes too.  Like Butter Tarts!  mmmm I still remember having those around the Christmas Table.  I think they were my Dad’s favourite.  Butter Tarts

The best recipes are ones that are just a little tacky looking!  Maybe a few thumbprints over the years.  Or written out on scraps of paper!  Some of mine were typed on an old manual…remember what those were?   A couple of my recipes were given to me in a recipe box that I received from a dear friend for my bridal shower.  Oh I love the memories.  Looking at these and using them help to keep the love alive.  Old recipes

Shortbread, one of my favourites, is a recipe I found many years ago and have tweaked till it’s mine.  Do I have to share?

The Jam-Jams are from my Mom.  She loved to spoil “her boys” as she called them and my sweetheart was thoroughly spoiled by her.  So guess who has to make them ever year now?  They are a soft molasses sandwich with homemade jam in the middle.  So Rich!Shortbread and Jam Jams

And last but never least, are “Mom’s Christmas Cookies for Tiny Tots”.  This was from my mother in law.  It is the best sugar cookie recipe ever.  doubled it makes tons of cookies.  We often try to have a cookie decorating day with the grand boys.  As you can see, I have yet to start these cookies.  They are mixed and thinking in the fridge, waiting for me to start.  Cookie Cutters

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