Finding a Favourite Market

To say that the Creston Valley has one or two markets is like saying there are stars in the sky.  There are Farmers Markets on Saturday and Wednesday.  Fruit Stands lining the two main highways.  Orchards with signs out “cherries; apricots; peaches”.  Organic; family run; mixed veggies, anything you can dream of.  Cherries on the treeOver the course of the last few months, we have dropped in on a number of these.  One orchard just within walking distance had cherries that we could pick.  Yummy!  Many of the little markets have specialized or have a special draw for their Market.  There is one with Dutch candy; another with special teas.

Truscott FarmsThe Market I have returned to several times is the Truscott Farms.  They have such a variety of produce, plus a bakery and a special area of items like honey and jam, or local milk and eggs.  Often they will have a fruit that is in season for tasting.

This past week there was rows of bins all filled with different squash.  I wanted to buy one of each just for decorating.

squashFresh, local

Mostly I love shopping here because they carry almost all the veggies and fruit we like to eat.

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