Five Minutes Away

October already!  We have been living in our new home for over three months.  Some days I stop and gaze around not quite believing we are actually here.

The other day we took a break from renovations to go for a walk and within five minutes of our street we were here.

Five Minutes Away

Five Minutes Away

What a beautiful walk.  It ran down into a gully and then back up the other side where we found the railroad tracks.

5 min walk 2 5 min walkWe did not explore the gully very much as there have been reports of bears in the area.  They are looking for fruit left on the ground or in the trees from the Orchards.

rr going south

Coming up top we arrived at the tracks.  These head south and then east.  I’m not sure we should be walking along them but we did, keeping an ear out for the long low whistle of the train.

rr going northHeading North we had a Cherry Orchard to our right and the town ahead.  It probably took all of an hour to go up hill and down dale to arrive back in town not far from the Kootney Beer Brewery.  A short walk home and back to Renovations.  It was a wonderful break.

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