How To Remove Wallpaper

I vow, here and now, never to wallpaper my home!  In terms of labour intensive renovations you would think taking wall paper down would be easy.  Do not believe it!

The home we bought was built in 1965 appx.  Wallpaper was pretty big back then.  This house had wallpaper in the dining, kitchen and two of the three bedrooms.  And not just any old wallpaper.  Oh no.  This wallpaper was of a high quality vinyl, glued on type!  It has a woven backing that would adhere to the glue better.  Oh good.2nd Bdrm Dining (2) kitchen More Kitchen Room 1

I did not know all this good stuff before I started and it is probably juremoving wallpaper9st as well.  Iremoving wallpaper8 started in the back bedrooms by pulling the paper off.  Just loosen a corner on the top or bottom and pull, it should come off easy.  I believe they call it “dry strip-able”.  The kitchen was a real gem.  The cupboards and silicone were put on Over Top of the wallpaper.

To remove the glue and sometimes the woven backing I used a product called ZINSSER DIF WALLPAPER STRIPPER.  It was ok but I had to wash the walls about 4 times to get it off.  One to cover the wall; one to remove the paste; one to remove the residue and one to clean.  Too many.  When I ran out of this wallpaper stripper I tried just hot water.  Worked so much better I think.  I had to do it in smaller batches but when it came off the wall was clean.  Sometimes I used a scraper.  That was a really gooey mess.removing wallpaper2 removing wallpaper3 removing wallpaper5

  1.  Pull off paper or as much as you can
  2.  Wipe down with hot water a patch big enough to reach comfortably.  Work from the top down.
  3.   If the glue is particularly thick you can use a scraper to take some off.  Wipe it into the old paper or onto a paper towel.
  4.  When you have cleaned the patch of wall you are working on, use the water to start softening the next square patch.
  5.  Refresh your hot water.
  6.   Quickly wipe over the previous patch of wall and then move on to the next where you softened the glue and start removing.
  7. Repeat until clean.

Take the pledge today, future generations will love you!

I will not wallpaper my home.

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  2. Angela Lombardi says:

    Thanks for the great tips!


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