Lighthouse Trail

Exploring the area, we found a short trail in the Kootenay Bay area.  It’s about a hour’s drive from Creston.  The trip winds north along Highway 3A, dipping and doodling along past such places as Wynndel; Sidar; Boswell and Crawford Bay.  On a warm summer day there are places to stop and enjoy the view, along with great attractions like the Glass House, or the Artisan community at Crawford Bay.  Today, however, it was damp and a bit drizzly.Crawford Bay looking SouthWe packed our coffee and snacks and headed out after church.  I had felt housebound and  just a little stir crazy!  The fog had been low for days and the rain constant. It seemed like a much longer trip as it had been several years since we had driven up this way.  The road has lots of turns and twists and being unfamiliar we took our time.  Once we reached Kootenay Bay, where the ferry lands to take you to Nelson, we turned south again and followed Pilot Bay Road.  We were actually looking for good areas to take the trailer this summer and wanted to scout out Pilot Bay Provincial Park.

We found the Park, disappointingly there was no camping.  There are a couple of trails to follow but no where to camp.  A little bit farther there was a pull off and we could see a sign to a lighthouse where we found this little gem.

The trail is well used and maintained.  It heads off west into the trees and climbs quickly up.

At the top you find the Lighthouse.  It is not operational, but you can climb up for the view.

Here you can see the ferry coming into the Kootenay Bay for it’s next run.

It was great to get out of the house and find this hidden spot.  Next time maybe check out the other trails that lead into the Provincial Park.



  1. loriag says:

    Getting out and exploring is a great way to spend time together. We need to do more of that ourselves.

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