Making a Sweet Little Apron

My mother taught me to sew back when I was just a nipper.  She had been sewing as a seamstress since she was thirteen.  She made clothing, curtains and just about everything in between.  She had an old Bernia that I learned to sew on and when I had the chance, I bought one very similar.  I love that old machine!  When she got a serger, I learned on that too and when mom moved a step up, I got her old one.

Sewing was a part of my life.  I made clothes for myself, my husband and our children.  At one time I even thought I would sew for a job.  That did not work out!  It was the “can I have this wedding dress by the weekend” on Thursday night call that did me in.

This is a long introduction to something so simple as a Sweet Little Apron.  If you know how to sew, you could use this as a picture tutorial.  It is pretty beginner, I think.

The town we live in does not have a fabric store, but rather a general store with fabric.  Most of their merchandise was for quilting, 100% cotton.  There was some really beautiful cloths and I debated on picking out one that was elegant, but then I saw the owls.  I could not resist those little faces.  I bought one meter (39″ give or take) and a package of wide bias tape to match.

I thought they would have patterns but no such luck.  So I decided to make my own pattern from an apron I had made for my husband ages ago, and add a few girly touches.

Because I had a full meter of material, I decided to make this apron double.  Lay the fabric out flat and smooth out your pattern.  (Follow their directions if you use a real pattern!)  I wanted the top a bit larger so made it appx 11″ across.  Then the bottom edge was about 25″ long in the center and I rounded the sides slightly so I could add in a pleated ruffle.

Isn’t that just the sweetest fabric!  The remainder of the fabric was about 16″.  This I cut in half length wise to get two 8″ strips.  This will be the ruffle.  There was just enough scrap left over to make one large pocket.

I did a quick serge around the outer edge of the pocket and double folded the top.   Sew a running stitch along the inside edge.  Pull the thread gently to round the bottom of the pocket.   This will make it easier to fit flat on the front of the apron.  Fold the edges in and the top of the pocket down.

Stitch the top fold in place.  Then place it on the front of the apron about 3-4″ down from the top edge of the apron.  Pin in place and sew a double seam.

The straps you will need to cut to suit yourself.  Pin one end of the strap to a corner of the bib and hold up to your body.   Once you have decided the length for the neck, the rest is cut in half and makes the ties for the back.  The bias tape has to be sewn closed and on the end of the ties I also made a miter corner to close in the ends.  Place each tie appx 1/2″ from the edge of the arm and the top a 1/2″ in from the bib edges.  Pin in place.  Now for the ruffle.

Sew the two pieces together at the short edge, making one long strip.  Fold this in half length wise and press.  Sew each end (right sides together) 1/4″ in and clip the corner and turn to press.  Fold both end into the center and mark with a pin the quarter length.  This will help to place the ruffle around the edge of the apron evenly.   Pin each edge just below the straps and the center seam to the center of the apron.

After pinning the ruffle at the quarter, I would lift the excess and place it at the center of the apron edge.  Pin it and continue until you have just enough to make a pleat.  Pull the edges together and then press gently down to form your pleat.  Pin everything!   Once the entire ruffle is pinned down and secure, sew it in place with a 1/2″ seam, along with the tie straps.  If you prefer, you can use a running stitch on the ruffle and pull the threads to gather, then evenly pin along the bottom edge of the apron.

Remove all your pins and gently press the center of the apron.  This is where it starts to get exciting.  You can see the end in sight.  The back of the apron has to be sewn on at this point.  Make sure the ruffle and the ties are all tucked inside and out of the way.

Pin the back on, right sides together.  On the top of the bib I have used two sets of two pins to remind me Not to sew between the sets.  This will give me the room I need to pull the apron from the inside out.  Sew the whole thing, leaving your opening, with a 1/2″ seam.  I doubled on each of the ties and neck tie for added security.  Pull through and press your apron.  To keep the layers from shifting, top stitch around the full apron with a double seam.  This will also keep the same design as the pocket.

Who knew selfies were so hard?  I love my new apron and I love the double layer.  It feels great without being heavy.  Pretty Sweet!  I may just need to make more.

Do you sew?  What was your last project?

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  2. Cute!

  3. It’s gorgeous fabric! I’ve just finished sewing up a little fabric banner for myself. I’ll be blogging about that soon!

  4. janie vezina says:

    what a cute project. thank you for sharing.

  5. This is such a cute idea. I could have an apron for every season. Thank you so much for sharing this great project

  6. denise low says:

    Thank you for sharing. I may give this a try. This is so cute.

  7. Amber Ludwig says:

    Love your apron!! I do not sew!! I wish I could though!!

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