Nuts ‘n Bolts

This is another recipe handed down to me by my Mother.  She made this great snack back before you could buy them ready made and they were tastier too.Nuts and Bolts

I made a great batch for Christmas for gifts for my sons and son-in-law.  It always seems to be well received.  The only problem this year – there was not enough left over for us!  After we got back from the celebrations in Alberta I decided to make a second batch just for my handy man and me.

The ingredients changed some as I have a real lactose intolerance and even though I love Cheese Doritos and other cheesy things I just can’t eat them.   This is what I included in this batch.

  1. Cheerios 1 box
  2. Rice Chex 1 box
  3. Bugles 1 bag
  4. Tostito Blue Corn Chips 1 bag
  5. Terra Sweets & Beets (vegetable chips) 1/2 bag
  6. French’s French Fried Onions 2 containers
  7. Whole Mixed Nuts 1 large container from Costco
  8. Butter, Worcestershire Sauce and Seasonings – 1 lb and to taste

This makes a very large batch, probably 3 to 3.5 ice cream buckets full.   You will need a large roaster or make it in two batches.  Mix all the dry ingredients together and put in roaster.  Actually, I hold off on the onions and nuts until after the butter is in.Something different

Melt butter and add the Worcestershire Sauce.  I usually put in a few glugs…is that a real measurement?  Season is to your own taste.  I like taco seasoning; seasoning salt; garlic.  Pour evenly over the dry mix.  Add in nuts and onions at this point.  Stir.  Well try to anyway.Seasonings

Put the roaster in a low oven, 250-275 degrees and bake for an hour and a half.  Stir it once or twice during the baking time.  Smells delicious.

You won’t be able to stop nibbling on them!  Buttery goodness


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  1. Oh my this looks like a great take on that well known snack! Definitely going to be making this

  2. I’ve never heard of this before. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  3. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This sounds so good. I can’t wait to give this a try. Thank you for sharing

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