Owls and other Small Pictures

This last week has been pretty much of a blog holiday.  There have been house projects taking up time.  Also trying to be ready for my next Pop Up Mall on Saturday.

The wine glasses are finished and I added a few new designs you can see on Instagram at InezbyDesign.

I wanted to have something a little different to offer this time.   Looking through my watercolours, I found a box of small pictures that I can sell for $10 and $15 dollars.  It gives a bit more range for customers to find something they like.  Not everyone wants a wine glass.

Here are some of the newest things going up for sale.

And some veggies.

A pear and a Warbler

These are all small watercolours, some are only 3.5 x 5.  None are framed or matted so the customer can choose their own colours.  It is also a way for me to keep the prices low.  Any thoughts?




  1. Did the owl in the middle sell, if it has not pm or email me!

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