Baby Bonanza Giveaway

Just what a parent of a new baby needs!  Look at all those goodies.  With the Baby Bonanza Giveaway, one Winner Will Receive Over $248 in Baby … [Continue reading]

Brentwood Home Baby Bundle

Do you have a newborn?  This is a great giveaway:  A baby bundle from Brentwood Homes. One winner will receive a Poppy Crib Mattress, and a Sweetpea … [Continue reading]

Quick Sew Headband – My picture!

In my little post about A Quick Sew Headband it was pointed out that I did not post any pictures of the finished product.  So I had my sweet handyman … [Continue reading]

Renew a Favourite Shirt

We have heard about recycling, reducing waste and re-purposing items; and one way of helping is to renew your old clothing.  Back in the day it used … [Continue reading]

Levoit Hand Carved Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

Have you ever used a Crystal Salt Lamp?  I have seen them in stores but never owned one.  This is your opportunity to win a Hand Carved, Natural … [Continue reading]

A Better Night’s Sleep

I don't miss those nights of walking the floor with a little one that just won't sleep.    Here is a great opportunity to win A Better Night's Sleep - … [Continue reading]

Quick Sew Headband

When I get involved in creating, I don't worry about where paint is going.  The fact is, I should!  My clothes, my hair, my face, pretty much … [Continue reading]

$150 New Years Cash Giveaway

Open WW Giveaway for Cash!  Think of all those Christmas bills that need to be paid, or maybe you are saving up for a trip to somewhere warm.  What … [Continue reading]

How To Wow Even The Fussiest Of Dinner Guests

Deciding to invite friends and loved ones round for dinner seems like a great idea at the time. You think that a night of good company, good wine and … [Continue reading]

Bath and Body Works $100 Event

Don't you just love Bath  & Body Works.  Reminds me that I have to get in and get some goodies!  Well a fun bunch of bloggers are bringing  one … [Continue reading]