Bowls of Plenty Cookbook by Carolynn Carreno

 Two winners for this #HealthToYourHeart Cookbook by Carolyn Carreno.  Bowls of Plenty US 02/28. Join me as we journey though life. Subscribe to … [Continue reading]

Are you feeling S.A.D.?

Ever since we lived in the North, I have been affected by S.A.D.; Seasonal Affective Disorder.  It is not severe but it is definitely something that I … [Continue reading]

Cubbie Lee Toy Bundle Giveaway!

Win two great toys for your little one in one great giveaway.  Cubbie Lee Toy Bundle Giveaway is open to US 2/14.   Join me as we journey though … [Continue reading]

Rustic Pathways $500 I Love Travel Giveaway

Who likes to travel?  This is an exciting giveaway and could be just what your travel budget needs.   One winner will receive a $500 Travel Gift … [Continue reading]

Valentines Day Gift Bundle Giveaway

Valentine's Day is coming fast!  I have a friend who made it a special day for their girls and celebrated with decorations and a special meal.  We … [Continue reading]

Baby Bonanza Giveaway

Just what a parent of a new baby needs!  Look at all those goodies.  With the Baby Bonanza Giveaway, one Winner Will Receive Over $248 in Baby … [Continue reading]

Brentwood Home Baby Bundle

Do you have a newborn?  This is a great giveaway:  A baby bundle from Brentwood Homes. One winner will receive a Poppy Crib Mattress, and a Sweetpea … [Continue reading]

Quick Sew Headband – My picture!

In my little post about A Quick Sew Headband it was pointed out that I did not post any pictures of the finished product.  So I had my sweet handyman … [Continue reading]

Renew a Favourite Shirt

We have heard about recycling, reducing waste and re-purposing items; and one way of helping is to renew your old clothing.  Back in the day it used … [Continue reading]

Levoit Hand Carved Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

Have you ever used a Crystal Salt Lamp?  I have seen them in stores but never owned one.  This is your opportunity to win a Hand Carved, Natural … [Continue reading]