Paying more – Getting less?

Rant time!  Is it just me or are you paying more for eye glasses and getting less?

I like to use the micro fiber cloths to clean my glasses and have loved having the cloth and using the lens cleaners that the Optometrist provided free of charge.  After all when paying over a grand for a pair of eye glasses getting a little something free was pretty nice.

But wait.  Little has now become the operative word.  Have other things shrunk?   I got pretty good using the green cloth but using that little cloth just leaves fingerprints!  Just look at the shrinkage in the lens spray.  125ml to 35ml.  The bottles are turned over to protect the innocent.

Eye Glasses


What are you paying more for and getting less?



  1. We have been Clearly Contact buyers for glasses for years. Love their prices. As for cleaners I lucked out and found a couple of full bottles of cleaner at the thrift store, bonus for me.

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