Plumber is coming!

This is good news!  We are to the final stages of getting that basement bathroom installed.  My sweet handyman is putting the final touch on so the plumber can come an install the shower, vanity, and toilet tomorrow.  It is so exciting.  Of course, now we need the electrician in to get lights in there 😀

Wiring is another area that you can diy, but you still need to get an electrician in to either attach it to the “box” or to put the stamp of approval on it.  In dealing with water as with sparky things, we like to have the professional come in and do it.

The storage room has walls and is also waiting on a light.  Then the shelving goes up in there and we start to reclaim the family room.  Oh my, I am hoping there is NO more surprises.

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  1. Sounds you are almost finish with your bathroom. Hopefully, it works well and perfect.

  2. Where are you at with the bathroom? Did I miss pictures of the finished project?

    • InezByDesign says:

      Thanks for asking Lori. We are still waiting for the Electrician, it’s his busy season so there it stands.

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