Renos – Tearing Down to Building Up

One of the exciting things about renovations is when you finally finish with the tearing down and start on the building up.

That is where we are in the basement.  Remember back to this?  We had a sewer back up and in the cleaning up discovered that there was more to clean than we had bargained for.  Isn’t that often the way of renovations?

The bathroom as it was before, had a raised floor and water (and let’s not even think what else) had gone underneath.   Another item found in discovery was the sump pump hose had been pulled out and was draining out onto the cement and surrounding walls.  There was enough water to rot one of the bottom plates of the bathroom wall.  This is not good!

Wait, there was more.  Next door to the bathroom was an insulated room that I think was meant to be a cold storage.  In fact, I even put some fresh picked apricots in there to ripen but when I looked three days later they were completely rotten and soaked through.  That was a mess let me tell you.  So the cold room actually turned out to be more of a sauna. Learning curves.  basement bath1

Once the entire area had been torn down and sanitized my Handy Man painted the floor and the walls.  The walls he painted with a WaterTiteLX.  It is a mould and mildew-proof waterproofing paint, claiming to resist 20 PSI of water pressure.  Now, that may not have been particularly necessary, but we decided that one more precaution was worth it.  Besides, it brightened up the walls.  The floor was painted with regular cement paint.

DIY is all very well and good, but some things we just felt we had to call in the professionals.  A plumber will be arriving to put in the shower, sink and toilet.  He was already by to move the hot water tank and re position the hose from the sump pump.  In doing this, left us with a better opening for a new wall.  It is all very exciting to see it coming together.

The old “not so cold” room is going to be a bedroom.   It will be getting a new window so we can have a safe egress for anyone sleeping downstairs.

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