Sander’s U-Pick Strawberries

When it is possible we love to go out to the local orchards and farms for our food.  The latest venture has been to the strawberry fields.  This one is down on the valley floor as you head to Duck Lake, Sander’s U-Pick Strawberries.  We should have jumped on this much earlier, as they, the strawberries, are coming to the end of their season.  Strawberry Field

When we got to the farm, a sign directed us out to a tent shelter on the far side of the field.  We donned our hats; had the sunscreen on, and buckets in hand.  It was beautiful, what a great way to spend a morning.  It would be a fun activity for children, not toddlers, but ones old enough to understand how to pick.  The odd one or two berries may end up in the tummy, but that is what makes it fun.  I wish my grand boys could be here.Picking your own

Once we arrived at the tent,  Roger showed us to where we could pick.  Between these stakes and on both sides, half of each row, be sure you look underneath.  Each row had straw covering the path and tucked around the plants.  This made it clean to kneel down and get right into those plants to see the best berries.  Down in the Valley
Picking was easy.  The berries were ripe and luscious.  Because we are on the later side of the picking season, some were over ripe so you had to be watchful.  It didn’t take long to fill a bucket.  I was faster, but hubby picked cleaner.  It did not take long to make all of this harvest into jam.  It will be a taste of summer come winter time!Bucket of Berries


  1. Terry Poage says:

    That is so great to be able to go pick your own berries. I bet they taste so much better than store bought berries.

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