Smokin’ Deals

As you can see, in a prevfrontious post, we are in the middle of renovations on our 50 year old home.  Some planned and some unplanned.

One of the planned renovations is to re-do all the flooring on the main level.  To this point we had tentatively made a budget that would work for us.  We plan on doing it ourselves so needed something relatively simple and easy to do.

We decided on laminate flooring.  It was cheaper than hardwood and could take a bit more beating.  We have two large “Grand dogs” that visit and this was the deciding factor.  We would be able to spend a bit more on a higher grade and quality of flooring by doing it this way.

First step was to figure out the floor square footage.  It was a snap, as the previous owners had left the plans for the house and all the information was there!  How lucky.  Otherwise your best bet is to measure each and every room, add all this and top it up by 10% to get your total square footage.  You can find lots of information and flooring calculators online.

Nothing was planned but we happened to be in Home Depot in Cranbrook on other business.  I had some idle time as my Handy Man did his chores and started to browse through the flooring samples, picking out ones I liked best and making note of the prices.  Most ran around 3.50-3.75 per square foot.  I like to keep these in mind so when I do find a good price I will know it.

Chores finished and we were preparing to leave, I spotted some skids of flooring.  The first one was $1.76 per square foot!  Wow, and to top it off, a sales person asked if we need help.  I know, sit down and shut up!  She was so knowledgeable and helpful.  This particular batch did not have the number of boxes that we need to do our home, but we found another that was just as nice but the price was $1.39 per square foot.  There was enough to do the whole main floor with the extra 10% we needed to be safe.  Because of the price of this laminate we saved 1/2 of our budget and that in any terms is a Smokin’ Deal.

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