Creative Crafting: Making The Most Of Your Glue Gun

Every crafter has a glue gun in their art cupboard. A glue gun, along with paper, cardboard, scissors, pencils, buttons, craft paper, and paint, is seen as being a basic crafting tool, and one that no crafter should be without. For the most part, glue guns are used to secure bits and bobs onto craft projects, but there’s a lot more that you can do with your glue gun – you can use the glue itself to create amazing craft projects.


Here are some ways that you can get creative with your glue gun and use hot glue as the main part of a craft project…



Create a hot glue pendant


What you will need:


  • Glue gun
  • Flat piece of plastic
  • Marker pen
  • Gems, glitter, and other embellishments
  • Chain


What to do:


  • Start by drawing the pendant shape that you want to create onto the piece of plastic with your marker pen. Shapes like hearts, stars, and diamonds tend to work well.
  • Head up your glue gun, ensuring that you are using good quality glue sticks, such as the ones offered by Glue Guns Direct. If you’d prefer to use colored glue for your pendant, invest in colored glue sticks instead.
  • Use the glue gun to follow the lines of outline you have drawn, and then fill in the overall shape. Let the first layer dry, and then repeat. Do this until you are happy with the shape.
  • Halfway through the shape design, drop the bottom of a chain into the top of the pendant and then glue over it with glue.
  • To add a little jazz to the look, you can add embellishments to your pendants such as glitter or diamantes.
  • Once dry, peel the pendant off of the plastic and wear.


Design a cute, quirky coaster


What you will need:


  • Glue gun
  • Colored glue gun sticks
  • Slate coaster (square or round)


What to do:


  • Using your glue gun, outline the coaster in glue and allow to dry.
  • Next, choose the design you want to create – do you want a patterned coaster or a plain one? For a patterned one, use your glue gun to create patterns coming off of the coaster outline. For a plain one, simply fill in the center of the coaster with hot glue.
  • Once dry, peel the coaster off of the slate coaster and use. Create as many coasters as you need for your home.


Build a hot glue gun waterfall


What you will need:


  • Tray or dish to place waterfall in
  • Rocks
  • Dried greenery – moss, flowers, etc


What to do:


  • Place some of the rocks into the tray in a circular shape – what you want to do is create the pond at the base of the waterfall. Use hot glue to secure these in place, once you are happy with the layout.
  • At one end of the tray, create a stack of rocks, again securing them with hot glue.
  • In between the rocks, place and secure your greenery and flowers. What you want to do is create a similar look to that of a real waterfall.
  • Fill the pool at the bottom with glue – choose a clear glue stick for this. Then, using the same color glue, begin building up the glue on top of the rock stack, before bringing it down to the pool, creating a waterfall effect.
  • Leave to dry and then display in your home.


There you have it, a guide to making the most of your glue gun with crafts that use hot glue as the main feature.

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