Let’s get UnGlued

Are your kids addicted to their devices? Communication at an all time low? We don’t have small children living with us, but I can tell you when my nose in stuck in my computer and my sweetheart has his eyes glued to a tv show, there is simply not much communication going on. Time to take charge and reevaluate who rules the roost.



UnGlue is an App to help parents and children regulate their online time. A tool that can provide the fun time, but also to set limits and encourage your kids to be more aware of where their energies are going.


It’s as easy as a download to your smartphone. You, as parent, can set up some guidelines, monitor online activity, even offer rewards of extra time for, say, chores done. They may be lining up to take the garbage out!


There are many features to UnGlue that need to be explored. Things like banking time; reports on activity; pausing the internet; tracing and blocking; away from home options; security.


UnGlue has offered InezbyDesign readers a free download of the App plus a 10% Discount Code – Inez10Off.  In order for you to make use of this code, you will need to first install the app and look for the “Redeem Coupon” button in the main menu.  Unfortunately, I can’t offer this in Canada, but for all our United States peeps be sure to check it out.


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small monetary reward at no cost to you. 

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