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Wildflower Fabrics

Wildflower Fabrics

I may have mentioned that I had been working on a new business, this is it.  My watercolour paintings turned into fabric.  The learning curve has been fairly steep but so very interesting.  Actually, calling it a new business is a bit of a misnomer as well.  First I have been painting for about twenty years and second, well it’s not much of a business yet.


At first blush I thought I would be able to “hit the big time” right away.  lol  That changed very quickly when my bookkeeper said I needed to stop playing pretend.  I needed to re-evaluate what I really wanted and what I loved to do.  That was easy, I love to create.  I did not have the financial resources to do it all on my own so turned to the company that prints the fabric.  They have a whole program for selling, marketing etc.  Of course I don’t make the big bucks but then I don’t lose them either!


Now, you as an individual, can purchase fabric of a unique and individual style to make what you choose.  An additional benefit is there are two other companies that will make or create for you.  The first is for home decor and the second is sewing patterns.


Here are the links.  There is not much for feedback from customers, so I would love your feedback.  If you get there and can’t find me; there are so many designers; just put “wildflowerfabrics” in the search bar.




Expressing Your Creativity

It doesn’t matter what age you are, exploring and expressing your creativity is good for the soul. Best of all, it doesn’t matter how you do it. You might enjoy arts or crafts. Perhaps you have a musical instrument you pick up from time to time. Are you a secret cake baker, or perhaps a wannabe photographer? It doesn’t matter whether you think you’re any good at it or not. It’s about relaxing, expressing, enjoying, and creating.

Some of the most creative people in the world have mundane nine to five jobs. Perhaps their creativity is just bursting to get out. And those that get to work in creative roles probably love their jobs more than most. It’s part of who we are as humans. We need to express ourselves through art, music, and other activities. How long has it been since you spent any time doing your favorite hobby? Why not make this weekend the start of a lifelong interest that you’ll prioritize some time for each week. After all, there are plenty of studies to show that we need these creative outlets for good health!

Sketching and Painting

Working on a new design

Some people knit, others sew. Either hobby is very creative, even if you’re following patterns or instructions. You’re making something and sometimes even designing something. There is something tangible to show for your efforts, and when it’s finished, it’s a job well done. That sense of satisfaction that you get is really good for the soul. If you haven’t dusted off your machine for a while, don’t panic. There are plenty of sewing machine parts still available to get you going at full speed again. Start with something small like a scarf. Then explore more intricate ideas.

Sketching, drawing, coloring, and painting are so therapeutic. They relax the mind by focusing it on the small details. Best of all, there are so many different styles, you can experiment to find your preferences. If you haven’t had a chance to draw for a while, take an hour this weekend to sit down with a sketch pad. You can free-draw. This is when the mind relaxes completely, and your hand just wanders the pencil across the page until something forms. Or maybe you have a subject in mind. Give it a go.

Almost Done

Almost Done

Before you throw out the trash or pile up the recycling, reclaim a few bits of cardboard or containers. Sculpting with trash is cost-free and freeing for your creative soul. You don’t mind your creative projects not working out when you’re manipulating trash instead of clay, art card, or metal. Build something, shape it, nurture it, and express your feelings within it. If you’re not planning on keeping it, be sure to take a photo for a social media pinboard. Keeping a record of your creative activities can be very rewarding.

Finding the time is never difficult when you commit to taking it. Let loose, go wild, and be free to express whatever it is you feel with your arts. Then make it a hobby you can commit to forever.

National Craft Month ~ March

In honor of National Craft Month, I am posting my efforts from today.  Granted they are not “handmade” but on the other hand, I did make them.

I received a gift of a Microsoft Office Suite which included 2010 Publisher Program.  My computer had been factory reset and I had lost the key to my previous Office Suite.  I was helpless!  Especially without my Publisher.  Do you have a program that you particularly like?  I LOVE Publisher.  It is so easy to use and I just feel like I can make it stand on end.

With our move to another Province, I decided my Art site needed an update and new name so I choose Skimmerhorn Studio.  I have also been going to a couple of markets where I need to have a business card; cards for my hand painted glasses, etc.  Improvisation was the name of the game.  For business cards I used small (I mean mini) watercolour paintings and for a company name plate I painted a picture, and little white tags for prices.

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Painting is Joy

Painting is joy for me. The desire to create something beautiful.  Before Christmas I was privileged to be commissioned to do a watercolour of two dear pets.  It was finished and duly sent off.

I wondered how they liked it, how the recipient liked it, and what it had been framed like. I received a message after Christmas with a picture and note.  It has been framed and now hangs in a special spot in their home.  It is very exciting for me and a blessing.   Here is the framed picture.  Framed

Creating paintings or any art form is an expression of the artist themselves.  Something that needs to be brought to the surface.  What do you do to express yourself?  Are you a writer?  Do you dance or sing?  Do you create by adding colour to a picture already drawn or perhaps you play with paper scraping?  Knit or sew?  I would love to hear from you.

Wordless Wednesday


It’s Done!


I have a commission to do a watercolour painting of two dogs and I am perfectly terrified!  Any other artists out there that sweat over doing commissions?

Not a sweet landscape or a flower but someones treasured and loved pets.  I have tipped toed around the drawings and finally took the plunge today.  This is the start of the first puppy.

Starting the puppyShe is looking kind of Zombie like but here goes with the eyes and nose.  More personality that way.  I find it better if the eyes are in, like they are watching me.   Also adding some more layers of shading.PuppyNext comes some brush strokes to show the fur.  This little one was fun.  It’s not finished but I feel I made a good start.Almost complete

Fall Fair

ScarecrowOh my.  When was the last time you attended a Fall Fair?  Blue ribbon pies.  Super zucchini.  Flowers from the garden.

This past weekend was the Creston Valley Fall Fair.  I know I missed some of it but what I did see was fantastic!  Worth every bit of the entrance fee.  Playing at the FairPrizes

On Saturday of the Fair the local Farmers Market was also set up.  At the Farmers Market you could listen to the Buskers or buy breads, flour, local grown produce or some of the beautiful crafts.

Food Buskers

Right in the same parking lot was the Fall Art Show for the Creston Art Club which I was participating in.

Art 1 Creston Art Show 2015

Autumn Berries

Rose hips The smell of the woods in the Autumn, picking berries, wandering along the paths enjoying all the colours.  Fall is a favourite time.  I want to try and capture the feeling with this next painting.

My sketch is of rose hips and leaves.  I want to try, again, some reverse painting.  I struggle with this particular method.

First thing to do is to add some resist, or mask, to the berries wResisthich I did very deliberately.  Then splattered some around to try and add sparkle bits.  Some of them were too large so once they dried I just rubbed them off, keeping those I wanted.

FrPicking Coloursom that point it was deciding what colours to use to help me create that look and feel of autumn.  I wanted to make a green by using blue and yellow.  The best was Ultramarine Blue and Gamboge.   The berries needed to be bright and yet rich looking so I chose Quinacridone Red mixed the Gamboge.   Then as a dark shadow there is Terra Rosa.  Now it is just putting water to paper.

The next two pictures are a progression of the painting.  Progression from “What have I done?” to “Well, maybe it’s not so bad after all.”

BackgroundTaking Shape

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