Tie The Knot Without Tying Yourself Up In Knots!

It’s no secret that weddings can become pricey. We still view weddings as one of the most significant days in a couple’s lives. This makes it easier to justify the huge expense. Once you’ve bought a dress, suits, cakes, hired venues and photographers, you’re lucky if you have enough money left for a honeymoon! Setting yourself a wedding budget, of what you can actually afford to spend, is a great idea. It forces you to edit down your choices and think about what’s really important on your big day. Here are some ways to cut the costs, whilst making your wedding more personal and special…



Flowers can play a huge part in a wedding. The bride carries them, the reception is bedecked with them, and so is the ceremony. This can make is quite a costly part of the wedding. If your heart is set on flowers, you can still cut the costs. The great thing about flowers is they add some pops of color and warmth to a room. The bad thing is that you buy so many and they are discarded after the bid day, or only last for a little while longer. Instead, why not buy fake flowers? The most important thing is to get flowers which look real. That way they won’t go to waste. You can even present guests with them as they leave as a parting gift.

If you seriously want to cut the costs and are having a boho style wedding, pick fresh flowers instead. Wild fresh flowers look amazing in a bouquet for any bohemian bride. They cost nothing and add a personal touch to a venue.


Invitations are another big expense. Getting them printed onto beautiful paper and sending them off to relatives, near and far, racks up the cost of a wedding. Unfortunately, the alternative of sending a message or email can seem a bit disingenuous and not as special. So why not get crafty with your invites instead? If you have time to spare but not much money, make the invites yourself. Just like the wildflowers, this is a lovely organic and personal touch. Plus guests are far more likely to keep handmade invites as a memento. You can print off pictures of you and your husband or wife to be, or you can go all out with glitter and feathers. Alternatively, if you’re not a crafty person, you can make your own wedding invitations online. This takes the glue and glitter out of it and allows you to make professional looking designs at a fraction of the cost.

The Cake

The cake is a great place to save money. Consider doing away with the traditional tiered wedding cake. These can be expensive and whilst they look great in photos, do you really want a slice of fruitcake on your big day? Instead, you could try a dessert bar. Rope some friends into helping you and ask everyone to make their favorite desserts. It could be brownies or even cupcakes. The great thing about this is that it’s super personal and cheap. Plus it leaves you with an amazing spread of different cakes rather than one tiered cake.

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