The Maiden Voyage

Back in January, instead of taking a trip to Mexico, we bought a canoe.  You can start at the beginning of the story on the post here:  Can’t Wait For Spring!  Well, Spring has arrived.

On Sunday we took our (new to us) canoe down to the Kootenay River for her Maiden Voyage.  I guess technically, it wasn’t her maiden run, as this canoe was second-hand and as far as we knew she had been in the water a total of four other times before, but who’s counting?  It was the first run for us.

This particular canoe is called a fold boat.  It comes in pieces, which just doesn’t seem right some how!

All in pieces

All in pieces

Our canoe is a 16′ PakCanoe.  It has a plastic exterior skin with padding on the inside bottom, much like a wet suit.  The underside is also a heavy plastic.  There are baffles, or inflatable tubes, on each side in the interior for stability.  The frame is aluminum, with long inter locking poles and cross pieces shaped to fit and two seats.  There was not a bag that came with the canoe when we purchased it, so we bought a big hockey bag to put it in.

We packed up our canoe bags, a picnic and headed out to the water.  There is a launch site about 5 minutes drive away called Ferry Landing.  The volunteers from the Creston Valley Trails cleared and worked to make this a beautiful picnic site.

When we arrived we carefully laid out the canoe in all its glorious parts.  Oops!  No instructions.  We can do this!  This first set up took an hour and a half.  Not too bad for a couple of newbies.

First Time

We did it

Ready to launch.  It was a glorious day.  Paddle at the readyKootenay River

The Kootenay River was peaceful, hardly anyone about as we turned to go north.   We stopped once along the edge, there was not really any landing spot, and had our picnic before continuing along toward the bridge over the Highway 3.  Spring Tree Calm

We spent four glorious hours out on the river and can hardly wait to go again.  I think we will be spending a lot of time in the PakCanoe this summer.  What are your plans?  What do you like to do for summer fun?  By the way, it only took 15 minutes to take down and pack away! 


  1. loriag says:

    That is a very cool caneo. We will find some trails in Tofino this summer to walk. Can`t wait to get back to BC for a visit.

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