The Patio Spot

With all the renos happening inside and out, we are having to be inventive in some of our plans.  Re-using, Re-purposing becomes very real in how you can have something without have to fork over more money.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have a landscapers come in and plan my yard and put down a new patio.  HowevOriginal Patioer, the reality is, there is more sweat equity available than dollars.

New Driveway
When we purchased this home there was a patio at the end of the car port.  There was a fence like structure dividing the carport and the patio on one side, another fence and an overgrown tree on the other.  Side to side was the wall of the house and a fence with the grape vines.  All in all it was a bit like a stockade.  There were pros and cons to keeping this patio.  One major consideration was that is it was already there and another it was close to the kitchen for BBQs.

The cons were: it was at the end of the driveway and even with the fences there was not much in the way of privacy; secondly, it was on the West side Moving the Blocksof the house where it hit 53 celsius in the heat of the day, too hot for man or beast!  The major decision to move the patio came when we decided to put in the garage.  That and the fact that the bobcat driver offered to help move all the blocks with his equipment.

I always wanted a secret garden on the east side of the house, but now there will be a patio as well.  The measurements were done and there was plenty of room to have a small patio, surrounded by grass, the hedge and hopefully lots of flowers in the near future.

When my sweet handyman took down the two sheds from the backyard to make way for the garage, he saved timbers and other things, but underneath was a wealth of gravel!  Two Shed

He moved this all over to the patio site.  He actually had to move it twice as it got in the way of the measured patio, so if you plan on doing something like this, make sure it is piled up Away from your work site!  Speaking of re-using, we had several broken bags of sand that we also put to good use as well as some garden tarps from the large veggie garden in the back.  He measured, moved, dug up and hauled away, I raked and smoothed.

Building the Patio

Once everything was in place we celebrated by having the first BBQ of the season.  I love sitting out there, it’s warm in the morning and cool in the evening.  Maybe next year there will be real flowers.All it needs is Flowers



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  1. Looks awesome, and you will enjoy it this year. Maybe one day I will see it in person with flowers.

  2. That turned out to be a cute spot! I can imagine all kinds of flowers and yard decor surrounding it. Looks nice!

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