Valentine Card – Ombre Heart

February is already sneaking up on us fast.  Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it.  Here is a quick card you can do and have tucked away for your special sweetheart.

I wanted to try an outline of a heart and thought of dots, but as you can see, it turned into an Ombre Heart!  Ombre Heart 7

Start with a small square/rectangle of watercolour paper as the base for your painting.  I cut out a smaller heart, this can be from anything that will hold some shape, like a good card stock.  Ombre Heart 1

Place the heart on the watercolour paper and hold it down while you pounce the paint brush all around the edges of the heart.

Once you have gone completely around the cutout heart, carefully lift it off the picture.  You could leave it at this point but I wanted something a little more dramatic.  I kept to the Ombre design by filling in the background with the dark on one side, the light on the other and blending them gently in the middle.  If you look carefully you can see a bit of an oops.  Some of the dark pink got smudged when taking the heart off.  No problem.  Just paint the inside too!  Ombre Heart 5

After your painting is dry completely you can arrange it on a background, pick and choose some card bits and a sentiment.  I used a navy background with a rectangle of light pink.  Tried a couple of ways, but finally decided on off setting the pink rectangle and the painting, found a pink pin and a quick “love” stamp to finish it off.

Ombre Heart 6

I use glue dots for just about everything!  I am glue challenged and usually end up with sticky stuff everywhere.  The Love sentiment is attached with some puffy squares to add a bit of dimension.  Ombre Heart 7

What do you think?  Will you be making a card for your sweetheart?

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