Wood Duck Walk

Wood Duck WalkYou would think with a name like “Wood Duck Walk” there would be ducks.  No, no ducks, but it was a great walk in the Creston Valley Wildlife Management area.  This ramble takes about 2.5 to 3 hours to stroll.  It is mostly flat and runs east then south before heading back to the road.   Starting out

It was a wonderful Fall day, still leaves but you could smell the earth and felt that winter was coming.  The dikes were drying up and the flowers gone.  There was great areas of Cat tails.



Dried Queen Anne's Lace

Just a Few


The Hidden Way

North side Slough

Old Slough

Towards the end of the walk we did catch a glimpse of the Big Foot but he is so elusive, I may be wrong.

WildlifeCheck out the size of these trees!  Doesn’t it just make you happy.  Tree Hugger

I would recommend this walk.  A bottle of water would have been a good addition to bring along.

And I guess we did really see some wildlife on our walk back to the car.  Wildlife1

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