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Sunlight on the Berries

Sunlight on the Berries

These berries are called Snowberries.  More information on Wikipedia


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  1. What a beautiful picture, I didn’t even know what they are , I don’t think I still do LOL but am enjoying the picture you have taken..

  2. Tamra Phelps says:

    Oh, my gosh. I like it. I had no idea it was berries until I read the caption, lol.

  3. Mary Songer says:

    I wonder what kind of berries these are. I’ve never seen any like them. Lovely picture.

  4. Amber Ludwig says:

    Wow!! Really stunning!! Im assuming these are crazy weird non edible berries?!!? Lol!! But gorgeous nonetheless!

  5. Robin Wright says:

    Beautiful photo. Sometimes we need less words in the world, and more imagination.

  6. Delightful picture! The berries or seeds are interesting.

  7. Nice pictures. I would like to know what the plant and berries are.

  8. I’ve never seen berries like this before – do you know what kind they are?

  9. Bridget Combs says:

    So pretty and reminiscent of the season

  10. Interesting. Had never even heard of them!

  11. beautiful

  12. Lexy Overstreet Broome says:

    Wow! Nice pictures, never heard of them before!

  13. Terry Poage says:

    This is a beautiful picture. I have never seen Snowberries before.

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