Day: June 29, 2019

Everything You Should Know About PerfumeEverything You Should Know About Perfume

1. What does the word Perfume actually mean?

The word perfume actually comes from the Latin world ‘per fumum’ which literally translates as ‘through smoke’ and the Romans and Arabs refined the art of making and wearing perfume 2500 years ago. Emperor Nero would hold lavish feasts with rose and jasmine oil pouring through the fountains and being wafted into the air. The Arabian practice of Bakhoor which burns incense and precious wood in order to perfume clothing and the environment is still prominent today.

2. What was the first perfume?

We do not know for fact what the first perfume was but we do know that the world’s first recorded chemist, who was also a perfume maker, is a woman named Tapputi. She lived in Babylonian Mesopotamian around 1200 BCE. It is said that she developed and recorded methods for scent extraction techniques, laying the foundation for today’s …