Day: August 30, 2019

Perfume 101: Everything You Need To Know About FragrancesPerfume 101: Everything You Need To Know About Fragrances

As someone who worked for years in luxury fragrance retail, I know the power that perfumes have on people.

Scents can remind you of a certain point in your life: A gourmand scent with cinnamon could transport you back to a childhood memory of you baking with your family, or a masculine scent can remind of you of the time spent with a special man.

Perfumes also have a powerful effect – I have met people who use fragrance to create a facade (like a quiet woman who wants to strong fragrance because she is a boss) or reinforce their projected personality (like a woman who wears lots of floral, feminine outfits and matches it with sweet, fruity fragrances).

During my stint, I also garnered a lot of knowledge regarding perfumes. But what’s the use of having this expertise without sharing? Here is a primer on everything you need to …