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About Me

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After several attempts to climb the top of different corporate ladders in Chicago, I thought that perhaps being a corporate executive was is not for me. I started to question everything in my life, but when I got into a realization that I can turn my passion into an income-generating business, then it might actually work for me.

My passion for perfumes led me to share my expertise and start recommending what people might actually like. Another thing that I am passionate about is writing. So, I combined these two together, and worked hard to deliver useful content to my readers. Turning it into a source of income was just a bonus for me, because I could do what I love, and talk about what I am passionate about.

Today, I still continue to learn the different types of scents, and describe them as accurate as possible. Can you imagine convincing people about perfumes by reading instead of smelling it themselves? My goal is to educate you, so I hope you enjoy looking around the website. Check back soon!