Inez By Design Blog Everything you need to know about why perfumes are associated with memories

Everything you need to know about why perfumes are associated with memories


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If you love exquisite fragrances, there are a few perfume facts you need to know. First of all, they have been around for quite a while. Perfumes have existed for thousands of years, so you are not alone! We seem to really dig perfumes, and it comes as no surprise because there is an interesting connection between perfumes and memories. 

You Use Fragrances Every Day

People aren’t aware of how important the sense of smell is. In fact, many are unaware until they have a stuffy nose and lose it. We use scents and fragrances to navigate through life every single day. Yes, our nose helps us get places. 


Also, the first thing you do when taking a carton of milk from the fridge is to smell it. Your nose will be able to tell you if the milk is spoiled. The same thing applies to many other ingredients, and our olfactory system is more than helpful at keeping us safe. 


But even if we don’t talk about spoiled food, fragrances can still be helpful. We enjoy familiar scents. It is something we inherited from our ancestors. Naturally, they paid attention to it a lot more, but this still doesn’t mean that our noses are obsolete. 

Fragrances Have Biological Influence

Fragrances and scents can have an important impact on our lives. They can do so much more than simply tell us whether the milk is spoiled. When we breathe, we get a chance to learn more about our environment. All these little details are transformed into signals and sent to our brains. And this is where the connection between smell and memory forms. 


But at the same time, when picking a perfume, there is one thing people focus on — the smell. This criterion is rather subjective. A perfume smells beautiful to you, but it might not be the same for everyone. And this is the reason why there are so many different brands out there. 


Believe it or not, some people might not be fond of Coco Chanel regardless of how popular the brand is. This is due to the biological influence the chemical will have on the individual. It all comes down to how our brain reacts to signals from the olfactory bulb. 

Perfumes Get Linked in Emotional Aspect Too

There is a strong connection between emotional memories and scents. And it can be something linked to fragrances. It is worth mentioning that this doesn’t only include people who apply perfume when they go out. Perfumes, eau de cologne, and similar products serve the same purpose. Some people would put aftershave in this category as well, and they wouldn’t be wrong.


The only difference is that aftershave also serves for disinfection and to prevent skin irritation. Today, you can find numerous products that also have a unique, beautiful scent, which serves the same purpose as perfumes. If you care about someone, you are more likely to enjoy the scent of the perfume they are using. 


And the closer you are to the person, the lovelier the fragrance will be. At the same time, fragrances can have an impact on our mental health as well. They can affect our mood, levels of irritation or stress, and even create a feeling of tranquillity. 

Sense of Smell and Memory-Related Issues

Since there is a strong connection between memories and sense of smell, many studies suggest that it can be a way to help people with memory-related issues. These include both memory loss and Alzheimer’s, and familiar scents can trigger memories and help with the condition. 


At the same time, many people that suffer from memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease show signs of anosmia or hyposmia. Anosmia is a smell loss, while hyposmia reduces the sense of smell. This means that a person whose sense of smell is affected might be showing signs of memory-related issues. 


Needless to say, losing a sense of smell is not always a sign of a brain problem, and we all know that it can point to other diseases and conditions. It only shows that there is a strong connection between our nose and brain and how they work together. 

Perfumes Bring Back Memories

The connection between memories and scents can be powerful. And perfumes trigger memories with ease. All you need to do is pick up a scent from your past, and the memories will start rushing. So many things happen to us each day, and we often forget how important events from our past are. 


We might even think that we have forgotten about something, but it is not that simple. In fact, all these memories are stored in our brains, and the only thing they need to appear is a trigger. 


So, picking the right perfume can make a world of difference. This is one of the primary reasons why people spend so much time (and money) searching for the right one. 

Perfumes Improve Senses’ Response

Over the years, the sense of smell improves, and perfume can help it stay fresh and sharp. In fact, for those that experience problems with their sense of smell, spraying perfume or essential oils can solve the problem. Powerful scents are proven to help regain the sense of smell, and if you don’t have any other ideas, this is something you need to try out. 


But even if you don’t have any issues smelling beautiful scents, using perfume is still good. After all, who doesn’t like when everything smells nice. And the best thing about perfumes is that there are plenty of options for you. So, you won’t have any problems finding something you like.