How Woman’s Arousal Work and How Sex Toys Can Help


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Woman’s Arousal Begins in the Mind

Even though we can’t say for sure what’s happening in our minds once we get turned on, we can understand physiological changes our bodies experience when we feel a sexual urge. Often confused for one another, desire and arousal have major roles here. Even if closely related, these two terms have different meanings.

Desire is a psychological wish for intimacy, while arousal depicts bodily changes that occur once we get turned on. That means that arousal doesn’t necessarily represent the wish of sharing body fluids with another person. It doesn’t always have its buddy desire riding shotgun. Our body might act in a certain way, but our brain is what ultimately makes the call for action.

Therefore, it’s a lot easier to understand certain sexual disorders. For example, women struggling with vaginismus tend to long for sex, but their sexual body mechanisms don’t work properly. That clearly emphasizes the importance of the “body-mind” cooperation that we all need to take care of. Luckily, there are ways of keeping these two sensations in check, and that’s what we’re here to talk about.

Women Love It

Interestingly enough, the connection between desire and arousal doesn’t end solely with one person. The simple knowledge of someone’s heart beating faster and their penis getting hard because of you makes for a pretty potent psychological stimulant. We all love to know someone desires us — it’s a pretty basic human thing.

But do women get off on it more than men? Well, we can’t say for sure, but they sure act like it. All kidding aside, it’s lovely to know you pull someone’s strings just with your looks and presence. It’s a great boost for your ego, and it can even help you get horny with little to no fuss.

Knowing someone wants to have sexual intercourse with you, based on your qualities, is a great feeling to have. Keeping appearances up and taking care of your looks and mannerisms can only increase the possibility of being the object of someone’s desire. Our sex life depends on it as much as does on actual penetration and ejaculation.

Arousal Can Be Turned Off by Many Factors

A wrong move or a clumsy word is all it takes to break someone’s sex mojo. We know, it’s pretty hard. But these are the rules humans go by, and everyone needs to be careful not to exceed what’s deemed fine by their partner. But it’s not all in these little details; it’s way more than that.

Many things affect arousal: psychological trauma, lack of self-confidence and approval, health disorders; you name it. A ton of complicated stuff makes us what we are, and keeping in touch with our wishes can sometimes prove to be rather difficult. Certain marks and scars last longer than others, affecting us long after the unfortunate event.

Those unfortunate souls who’ve experienced unwanted or traumatic sexual encounters can unwillingly shut their bodies down for future sex. This medical condition, known as vaginismus, represents a disorder that affects the genital muscles in women. They become contracted to obstruct penetration and, in some cases, make it utterly impossible without the risk of severe pain and discomfort.

Luckily, adult toys come in handy here. Weirdly enough, the vibrator’s original use stems from these traumatic experiences. Sex toys for women are more than just kinky products of modern times. They’re sometimes unexpected remedies for obscure conditions and disorders.

Being Desired Maybe Difficult Especially If Their Partner Is Not Available

All of the mentioned stuff about desire and arousal falls flat if one can’t experience a connection to another human being. All your great looks and fashion choices mean nothing if there’s no one to crave for your touch. So when times are tough, some girls turn their attention towards household items.

Although DIY sex toys for women can help in these cases, getting yourself a well-made rabbit vibrator makes up for all the guys you don’t have. If there’s no partner around, masturbating is the only choice you have of experiencing an orgasm. Moreover, it’s a way of relieving yourself of unwanted stress.

But not only single people opt for pro and homemade sex toys. Couples in long-distance relationships go for them too. Playing with their vibrators and dildos, couples find ways of releasing the sexual pressure they feel. Even the ones in sexless relationships — for whatever reason they choose such a lifestyle — often want to play with themselves to spill some juice.

It’s hard being lonesome, but there’s no need to dwell on it. The sex industry isn’t only about kinky couples who’re looking to spice their sex lives up. It’s also about helping singles achieve as much as they can playing by themselves.

Why Sex Toys Are Important to Women Even When in a Relationship

Even when they have an actual partner, women love to use all kinds of adult gadgets on their own. It’s not that they don’t appreciate their lovers (although some really don’t) — it’s the fact that toys offer something extra. Sex toys up the ante in the bedroom, motivating people to push a bit harder (pun intended) when trying to satisfy their partner.

No one wants to feel less worthy than a lifeless object and hang in the shadow of an “almighty” dildo. But it’s not always like that. Not every woman indirectly pushes her partner to keep up with the toys — they enjoy them for other purposes too. Toys also simulate certain fantasies a regular couple can’t bring to life.

Closing your eyes with your clitoral stimulator turned on mimics oral sex you can only see in porn. So it’s not unusual to hear that someone owns a certain pussy pump (oral sex toy for women). Meanwhile, others love butt plugs. They allow for better anal sex, preparing the rectum for future intercourse.

Toys are both great fun and priceless. They are helping tools that every couple and every single person should own. That way, you’ll never want to come back to your dull and everyday routine. If you do not know where to start, then this collection of sex toys from lovegasm is a good starting point.